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Finger painting anyone?



One morning this past summer, my companion was getting ready to head out to do some work for his Mom. He dressed wearing a very extra large and baggy (comfy), old work shirt. I made a comment about his comfy shirt and as we chatted I was suddenly presented with a memory of kindergarten when we used to wear our fathers’ old shirts backwards to protect our clothes from the mess of craft time and especially flying finger paints! I hadn’t given finger painting any thought at all since. Continue reading

Raising A Glass To Napoleon Hill


October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970

One of my life’s favorite heroes and mentors, Mr. Hill left us when I was 8. He remains as one of my best models for what it means to leave a legacy behind, one that has saved this butt’s bacon on more than one occasion over the last 2 decades, especially so over the last 10 years as I committed to complete responsibility for my personal development.

Thank You for your continued guidance Mr. Hill!! May our paths cross again! Cheers!

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Got Pets?

“Anything that gets you feeling good is the basis of everything else you want flowing to you.
Your beasts have it all figured out.”

~ Abraham

April 2013 – Photo By Kara Wilson

A couple of posts ago I told the story about Boy-Boy and am pleased to report that he returned to his home on Labour Day. On the morning of Wednesday, September 4th, we were pet-free, by the end of that day, there were 7 cats in our coat closet!

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The Hedge of a Lifetime!

This past summer while enjoying a cold beverage in the shade of the backyard, my friend made a remark that I have thought about ever since. We were talking about business things and in a break in the conversation he made the statement, “there’s a LOT of MLM in this town.”

Without hesitation I replied, “It’s not a sign of the town it’s a sign of the times.”

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Free Your Mind And Your A$$’ll Follow…

About 3 years ago, while sitting in my home office I had a defining moment that was a significant catalyst for change. As I sat pondering what I needed to do or become next to get to the things I desired most for me and mine, I heard that little voice from within ask the question,

“What would your world look like if the Internet was gone tomorrow?”

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Chocolate Peeps & Candlestick Pips…

“The one who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to discover places no one has ever been before.

Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties, for peculiarity breeds contempt. And the unfortunate thing about being ahead of your time is that when people finally realize you were right, they’ll say it was obvious all along.

You have two choices in life: you can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be different. To be different you must strive to be what no one else but you can be…”

— Taken From “Creative Problem Solving

This long overdue posting serves as my “What I Did This Summer Report.” Summer? We had summer in there? I had no idea the whirlwind I would experience going into it, and as usual, with clear intentions around me, I am amazed looking back at the previous 4 months at how time gets all outta’ whack when I am in the zone of following my bliss and single focused to an ultimate end. And we know that every ending is just a new beginning…

It’s been an unusual and turbulent year for just about every Being on this precarious planet and although I am blessed to be having a different ride than most, the last few months was not without its attendant challenges. Seems once summer hit, I had a strong calling to go find some more bliss for myself. I didn’t quite know what that looked like or what it would take and I had to brake through some inertia and excuses I had running to recreate that wonderful feeling of momentum again.

I learned while away, that I am in good company in my “not knowing” what the future really holds in store.

After a few trips around North America to be in the company of some of our most masterful business and investor folk, it appeared to me that no one, from the top down, really knows for sure what’s next, although there are some obvious solutions popping up as most likely, it seems that we are creating our restructuring as we go. What is crystal clear is, just about everyone in these circles are over the top excited about where we’re headed, and consequently, so am I!

I set out to find the inspiration for “re-invention” of myself. I wanted to find new solutions and ways of “doing things”, to run with a new crowd, find a different perspective and develop my skills of benevolent influence and persuasion in order to further enhance and develop my roles as leader, entrepreneur, and investor.

Just when you think things are as perfect as perfect gets, something – and usually someone with it – more perfect comes along to add to the mix of fun and abundance!

While I was away I found another Golden Goose for my multi-stream income nest, amazing new friends, eager to learn, to play, to have fun with life, and, some new and different mentors to follow and model.

I heard a statement recently with regards to advancing up the ranks in my main business. I have it now filed as a “Universal Truth” as it applies to life as well:

“The people that brought you to this level or that take you to the next level may or may not be the same people that take you to the top and beyond.”

In my last post I was just going into a formal coaching relationship – that was July, the exercise has been priceless…and not too similar to what I had pictured for the experience.

When I go after what I need, a whole bunch of what I didn’t know I wanted shows up!

Taking a leap of faith for me is like jumping into a cold lake on a hot day. I generally take a while to jump in and get it over with. I am sensitive to the contrast of the immediate environment change; I have to go through some short term discomfort to get to the fun and ease of swimming. Albeit it uncomfortable, the short term suffering is worth the end goal – have fun with my friends…and…

“How we do anything is how we do everything.”

My fellow healthy chocolate Peeps are inspiring and astounding me in their persistence and determination. It’s been almost 3 full years focused on that business and after experiencing the battle of “attrition” together this past year, those of us left standing are they that really understand and see the bigger vision focused on solution.

We learned first hand that attrition happens when the market/the people panics – and it’s only temporary if one takes action and tends to it. We are a force and viable source to be reckoned with and are rallying together to get the word out about the solution we have for saving lives, and mostly…

“We are listening like we’ve never listened before.”

Something else I found out, there is massive opportunity in panic and change!

As my chocolate business grows and thrives, I find myself acclimating to a new environment the last 2 months. It’s been 4 solid years since I was scared straight into the unfamiliar territory of finances and investing. Finally after this much time and much discomfort, absorbing and wading through information and concepts that used to flat out scare or bore me, I heard something at this year’s investment festival calling out to me. It had always been there and I guess now I was ready to notice and embrace it…

I set my alarm every morning and pop out of bed to head to the desk and out onto the FOREX yard for a morning of play. If all goes well and I’m good – I will collect a lot of “pips”. I am fascinated as I watch the constantly changing red and blue “candlesticks” and become familiar with the ripples of movement as trillions of dollars move about the planet in reaction to the collective vibration! Riding the waves of the open Foreign Exchange Market is my newest passion and as I have discovered – one of the quintessential skills one might like to master going into the future. I have taken to it like a duck to water and it is the something I didn’t know I wanted and was right under my nose for quite some time. Confirmation once again that I will hear and see what I’m truly ready to hear and see.

FOREX trading is being touted as the next big skill open to the masses to learn, it has become the perfect fit for my portfolio of income streams. It fits the number one criteria and that is, that it doesn’t mess with my first love – my chocolate business. Instead, what has occurred is that, as I learn the disciplines required to be good at day trading, my other business is benefiting from the experience!

My days now have more structure and I get more done in less time. I am surrounded by masters cheering me on to the finish lines of my goals in all endeavours, and I now have 2 ways to ensure the lifestyle and freedom I prefer! Everyday I hear the personal results of those that know the nature of this thriving market, I am motivated to get good fast. I’m also acutely more aware of how much I can actually accomplish while having fun doing what I must do.

If I have to pick one, my chocolate business gets priority focus, it’s got the satisfaction of helping people in all matters, the leverage of everyone doing a little bit and the passive residual returns over time.

The FOREX yard is almost always open for when I’m ready to step in and out of it, and in it I must be to scoop out the profits of the pips! It represents the pulse of the global collective and adheres to natural laws that I can bank on. It satisfies my need to observe patterns of behaviour while I practice remaining detached from outcome, it hones my patience while I learn the art of following a system and the skill of wisely responding instead of gut-reacting.

So as I consume my healthy chocolate, counsel and plan with my fellow chocolate peeps and play my trading games every day, I am aware of how peculiar my way of earning a living and doing life must appear to those on the outside of it looking in.

I am resigned to master one thing for sure and that’s “rolling with change”, I commit to being flexible and adaptable to new environments no matter how uncomfortable it is to dive into them, because, after what seems a few moments, I’ll be shouting to those still dry, “C’mon in the water’s fine!”

“To Improve Your Aim – Improve Yourself”

So she’s beginning to feel invincible.
She’s beginning to feel that there isn’t anything that,
hear these carefully chosen words…

She’s beginning to feel that there isn’t anything that she can’t work the
bugs out of HER about.

Not out of the government, not out of the economy,
[not out of the opportunity she has], out of HER!

Abraham-Hicks – Los Angeles, 3/29/09

“They say”, “if you want to get a different result or break through to another level you must ask some different questions and definitely take some different actions.”

I get that. And, what does that really look like on a daily or minute to minute basis for me specifically?

Tomorrow begins a whole new ball game for me and the direction of my business, and likely my life! I have been invited to play in a unique and “elite” coaching program, it would be “unwise” of me to say, “no thanks”. I am Knowing what I have been wanting and am now asking for and have little idea of what “the next level” really looks like for me specifically, I just know there’s some solutions in the forthcoming workout.

For the first time I have implemented 2 things:

1. Hired a personal assistant.  Time to let go of the tasks that tie up my time and focus.

2. Hired a personal life and business coach to run with me over the next few months, we will be working on “mindset”, “influence” and after 16 weeks of that comes 10 weeks of “concept training”, things specific to my field, talents and gifts. I have come to know “Me” about as much as I can without some outside support and guidance by those that can see me “better”!

My investment was insignificant with regards to both money and time by comparison to the results I know I will achieve through the exercise, I feel I’ve hired the best I’ve experienced so far. At the same time, by comparison to any other investment I’ve made in myself in the past, this is by far the single largest and most significant. It is causing me to feel that familiar feeling of being “stretched”, it is a place of faith that no matter how uncomfortable I’m feeling right now, it’s a good uncomfortable – excitement if I focus on my intended results! I feel like I’m about to jump out of an airplane or off the side of a mountain – nervously in tandem at first and looking forward to flying on my own alongside the others!

As one that has lived life “hacking things out for herself” – and I might add, has done well by the hacking alone – it is time to refine my hacking skills and lay plans for carving out something more deliberate and significantly more powerful for me and mine.

Today I draw some lines in the proverbial sand, make plans, set intentions and get as clear a vision as I can about what a year out from now could possibly look and feel like from every detail! There are some things I want to accomplish and just can’t seem to get done without a little support on the side.

As a wanna’ be accomplished entrepreneur, I’ve hired myself a Millionaire boss and mentor for a while. I’m sure there are old habits to release and fabulous new ones to replace them with, that I don’t even know about yet! All things considered, if you’re reading this you’ll likely be a part of the journey, I’ll be sharing as much of it as I can express in words…all sides of it, the good, the bad (cause we’re usually bad at something before we get good) and who knows, perhaps even the ugly side just to hone our preferences by!

Wish me luck, a lil’ of that always goes well with faith!

“When the archer misses the mark, he turns and looks for the fault within himself. Failure to hit the bull’s eye is never the fault of the target. To improve your aim – improve yourself.”
— Gilbert Arland – Writer

Build Your Self To Build Your Business

Use The Power Of Online Social Media To Shine Your Light And Point The Way…

You don’t have to look far or listen too long before you see or hear something about “Web 2.0”, a newly evolved version of the Internet experience that includes the massive power of things like “Social Networking” and “Social Media Sites”. You know them as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

As a pioneer and surfer on the leading edge of technology and “online collaboration”, and an expert in “long-distance” relationships and team-building, I don’t really see “Social Networking” as anything new, in fact I consider “socializing” a lost art – long gone lost.

No matter what instrument one uses to get their thoughts and feelings across, they have to be willing to share them first and listen to those of others – first we sow, then we reap.

I am often complimented on my “writing skills”. From my side of that – and thank you – the ability to put my thoughts and feelings here on this web page is not because I’m a writer, it’s because I don’t particularly give a rip what people think about what I think, say or write…(wasn’t always so) and well that’s not entirely true, I care what SOME people think…and I am continually letting go of the “need to please everyone” mentality.

Doing anything to please another is a trap in itself, let alone trying to please them ALL, it’ll never happen and it’ll drive anyone to some form of private debauchery for trying!

I have learned how to tell a story, and I call this story-telling over the net, “talking in type”…proper spelling, grammar or punctuation is optional and, if you’re a texter, as you know – not recommended! I feel free to invent new words along the way if it helps to get a concept across or meld together ideas and we now have video and audio for those that aren’t comfy with their “thoughts-to-words” assembling skills.

I believe what we are seeing manifest here and now is another go-round of the “Mom & Pop” days, this time on a global level, with exponentially more leverage for each individual involved. Some newly coined words for this phenomenon as it is unfolding are popping up to define the direction we are headed, “brandividuality” or “brandividualism” are recent additions to the new dictionary.

Your Name” is what you are building the credibility of, not the companies, partnerships and products that are part of your business or financial portfolio. There is only One “You” – that “individualism” you bring to the global marketplace is what’s irreplaceable and in-doable by any other individual in the Universe!

If you are good at offering value, anything behind you is good and others will want to know what you’ve got, what works for you will likely work for them too. 

The more value I bring to my marketplace, the more I know I will be rewarded in kind and beyond, my spreadsheet shows me that I’m beginning to understand the concept, the understanding shows up in real numbers called “positive results”, which equates to real dollars in my bank accounts.

Perhaps those too familiar with you or that have “history” with you are tired of hearing about or from you for one reason or another? Maybe you came from a place you want to forget about, start fresh and create a new environment or a new You altogether?

I’ll guarantee you there are an unlimited number of people just waiting to hear your stories, what you learned from your failures, they’ll cheer you on and help you to celebrate your successes, if you share them.

Share that which inspires you in your moments of inspiration and your voice will carry farther than you can imagine and land exactly where it needs to be heard. Your voice matters and you will be heard if you just show up and give a shout out!

I have an associate that calls herself, “The 10 Years Too Late Girl”, although “late” is, most definitely better than never with persistence, by comparison to my friend’s story, I then have to call myself, “The 10 Years Too Early Girl”. It seems I’ve been waiting for at least that long for my vision to come together and manifest into my physical reality, for others to “get it”, interesting thing is, 10 years later, my unique offering is still needed, my niche still exists! As much as I come and go, my “calling” remains the same.

I bill myself as an “Ambassador For Connection”. I notice the “connecting” part of the equation is still missing for a lot of people, I see them walking, I hear them talking, and still they stand alone and afraid to trust or move forward…

I have 100’s if not 1000’s of people in my organization that say, “I have run out of people to talk to”, the ones that are left on their list, they have reconsidered working with – and usually I cannot blame them! They want out of that existing circle, into something entirely new and are generally both the army and the General of their one-man army in the beginning of their venture. They lack the time and energy to “push ropes” and the financial resources to go out and meet a whole different crowd or even 1 or 2 good friends –

…relationships, no matter how you do them, take time and most importantly personal focus and energy, relationships are the true overhead of any of life’s endeavors. Nothing manifests in my world unless another shares my vision, I have accomplished nothing strictly “on my own”.

All I need to ask a person is “Are you on Facebook yet?” and I can instantly tell by their body language and response what they know about it, few know much – they are where I was 10 years ago, I am called to fill a need, to inspire others to dip their toes in the proverbial waters…

More than once I have been in high-powered marketing seminars and snicker when a speaker makes reference to “the greatest marketing plan ever launched” – in reference to the marketing behind “The Secret”. I snicker because I was in on that master plan from the beginning, and there really wasn’t one! The power of that “little film” was driven by a small handful of people with unstoppable passion and belief in something they absolutely knew worked and would make a difference on a massive scale! Tip the scale it did.

Those of us in charge of getting the word out about this new program all had a talent for “natural promotion”, for putting our excitement “out there”, we had big mouths, worked diligently and had a whole lot of fun along the way! We knew what we wanted “The Secret” to do (before it was even called that) and it did it! We gathered together 1000’s of people online months before there was ever a finished product…we did that on total faith, I invested at least 2 years sweat, energy and real dollars into that project once the dust all settled from it. I recall many times looking up and asking that this project please be a success…it was one of my life’s greatest learning experiences in business.

If a small handful of people can gather the attention and focus of 10’s of 1000’s of others from around the world over a few months, how many can you gather with your enthusiasm and appreciation for life over 1 to 2 years?

If you follow the stories of the successful it is easy to see that their successes were had because of a relationship with another. 1 or 2 great connections can change the course of life and business.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Get out there and start spreading your valuable insights, ideas, visions and dreams, you’ll be surprised at who shows up to join you for the ride!

Here’s some statistics that should make you sit up a little straighter!

  • Facebook has 200 million members and climbing.
  • YouTube visitors are viewing 13 billion videos a month.
  • LinkedIn has over 15 million businesspeople networking.
  • Twitter is growing at over 40% a month.
  • Digg and Delicious are driving millions of visitors to websites every month.
  • GoogleWave is on the way – it’ll likely capture the best features of the above list!

As an aside note, I noticed just the other day that the first ever Instant Message system I used extensively over a decade ago has almost 1 BILLION ID numbers registered if not more – that would be the legendary “ICQ”, short for “I Seek You”, for it’s time it was brilliant and changed the face of the Internet forever. I’ll never forget the space I was in the first night I fired up “ICQ”, it was one of those moments in life that fueled a vision I continue to chase today, in fact here I am a decade later and as quickly as some things change, other things just don’t change at all, it seems my unique offering is still in high demand…

As I type this, I hear an old friend’s voice in my head, she used to shout to her lingering little ones,

“hey kids get outta’ the house for a while and blow the stink off!”

Go find a couple of new friends that think like you do and dream like you do! These relationships might start on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other nooks or crannies where people hang out on the net, and I’ll guarantee you eventually you’ll be in each other’s arms if it’s a connection that’s meant to be…and who knows what wonderful things you will create for us all together!

I Am an Ambassador For Connection, I facilitate in the connection, awareness and transformation of those ready to take on the journey…and because of that there is always enough money to live the life I choose, to enjoy myself, contribute and invest!

Ode To A Life’s Partner…

I heard his name from across a crowded room on a cold January morning and since that moment, life has never been the same….

He is complex, dark, alluring, seductive, smooth, rich, totally satisfying and fulfilling! Too much of him leaves me intoxicated with bliss, he enhances the quality of my life experience and provides me complete sustenance and frequent, luxurious reprieves from the (sometimes insane) world outside my own. He enhances my personal passion and makes me feel sexy, youthful, full of vitality and strong in my own mental and physical powers. He helps me to stay focused on my path and motivates me to be a better “me” from a place deep inside.

I have totally surrendered to my gnawing desire for him several times a day for almost 2 years now. Whether it’s upon waking; one of the many times throughout the day or [ooh-la-la] before I go to sleep, every time we come together my world shudders at a cellular level. After having him inside me all day so frequently, the outside’s toxins are swept away and somehow [long loud sigh] reality is a little more peaceful and clear. He is my fountain of youthful being…my body, mind and spirit is left uplifted, refreshed and renewed…

He has helped me consistently remove over 40 years of personal trash, and continues to take out the garbage every time I request it of him, his efforts are unmatched by any other I’ve been with for any length of time!

Like myself, he was formed from and born to Mother Nature and assures me life will always be full of vitality, abundance and prosperity if I let him and others like him into my life profusely. He reminds me that he is here for me and not going anywhere anytime soon. He was here long before I came and will be here long after I am gone. And while I am here, he is my personal body guard, swift and powerful in the punch he packs when he stands in protection of me from unwanted intruders!

Sometimes I call him “The Dark Knight” and other times I refer to him as “Mr. Bean”, he always answers to either one and adapts to every situation he’s consumed by, at any time he can be focused and determined or fun and goofy.

He is loved by almost all my family and friends, unconditionally showing up at his best for anyone that will have him, male, female, young or old! And yet, he is often misunderstood by many, he remains a mystery in the ignorance of those who haven’t fully explored the depth of his generous and giving nature.

Alas, even in the light of new and undeniable discoveries into his true intentions and nature, association with him is still considered “sinful” by most. Many choose to relate with him “behind closed doors”, living in secrecy and fear that they will be judged weak in their self-will or lascivious in their desire for him and everything he represents.

As we continue to dance together in perfect synchronicity my world expands and strengthens in its stability every day. I am never without him now, he goes everywhere with me.

As my Grandmother used to say – with vigor – when in the presence of such an attentive and charming hunk,

“Oooooh I could just eat him up!!”

  • “There is nothing in the world like chocolate. It is luxurious, sensuous, delightful, passionate, inspirational, sexual and exciting to all senses.”
    — David Wolfe “Naked Chocolate”

  • “‘Twill make old women young and fresh;
    Create new motions of the flesh,
    And cause them long for you know what,
    If they but taste of chocolate.”

    — James Wadsworth “A Curious History of the Nature and Quality of Chocolate”

  • “It’s not that chocolates are a substitute for love.
    Love is a substitute for chocolate.
    Chocolate is, let’s face it,
    far more reliable than a man…”

    — Miranda Ingram

  • “After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of “what women want”. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.”
    — Mel Gibson, Actor

  • “Chocolate is a perfect food as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power, but its quality must be good, and it must be carefully prepared. It is highly nourishing and easily digested, and it is fitted to repair wasted strength, preserve health, and prolong life. It agrees with dry temperaments and convalescents; with mothers who nurse their children; with those whose occupations oblige them to undergo severe mental strains; with public speakers, and with all those who give to work a portion of the time needed for sleep. It soothes both stomach and brain, and for this reason, as well as for others, it is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”
    — Baron von Liebig, German Chemist, Mid Nineteenth Century

  • “The persons who habitually take chocolate are those who enjoy the most equable and constant health and are least liable to a multitude of illnesses which spoil the enjoyment of life.”
    — A. Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie de Gout

Did you get yours today and was it good for you?

Surrender to the absurd…

Call me and I’ll hook you up. There’s only one that’ll do it for you and there’s an abundance of him to go around…

Discover the difference unprocessed raw cacao makes, experience fine chocolate as food.
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