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The Physics of Information: What the Universe Doesn’t Want You to Know

I have just spent the better part of an hour being thoroughly entertained by the recording at the link below!!! I’ll likely be about a week or two or the rest of my life, rolling around the delicious insights it has provoked for me.

As a deliberate creator and a natural scientist, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the place where our physical perspective meets our broader perspective! It is the place where I get to map MY OWN set of beliefs. I can plug into all that I already know and mix and match new information to that which both makes sense to me and feels good too…

I have been to the “Perimeter Institute”, it has a very fun and allowing bubble of energy about it…as I wandered around and encountered some of the people there I felt quite “at home”.

What else would one expect in a playground for the world’s most brilliant!? They are there to figure out what makes the Universe tick…

Download the MP3 and give it a listen!! It just aired today – 2007 01 05!

It is geared for a public layman’s audience, you’ll get caught up on what the latest “accepted theories” of the nature of our reality from our scientific community’s perspective.

Perimeter Institute News Release – Quirks & Quarks MP3

What I did this summer…

Well I’m just a few days into my 46th year as a physical being on this jewel we call planet Earth. Yet another profound summer has just whizzed by in a blink and again I’ve come the end of it looking back over my shoulder asking, “What the heck was that?!”

In conversation with an old friend a couple of days ago, we talked about how as children, we seemed to always grow quicker in the summer. As soon as school was dismissed, it was like someone hit the “turbo button” on life, there always seemed to be an exponential boost of growth in the few weeks before the next school year began. I always owed the phenomenon to the added sunshine and outdoor activity – we are just like plants in a lot of ways I figure. I recall the many times as I was growing up, receiving comments upon my return to “real life” like, “Wow, you really grew fast over the summer!” Later, as a new Mother I was able to see the same dynamics play out watching my son grow.

My friend and I came to the co-creative realization that those dynamics are still alive and well indeed, and playing out as we continue to grow mentally and spiritually! As I look back over the past 3 or 4 months, I can authentically say to my Self, “Wow, you really grew fast over the summer!”

I question my own theory now though, I’m not entirely convinced the growth is so much about the extra sunshine and outdoor exercise…now I know it’s more about the additional freedom, ease and letting go of a lot of what we “should” be or are programmed to be doing. Can you hear it yet? “No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!” That’s an incredible amount of instantly released resistance; expansion is always freer to flourish when the resistance is gone. We go forth into our summers expecting different things to show up so we manifest different results!

In fact, I think I sang that same song above just 3 years ago when I found out I was leaving my corporate position…no small coincidence that I have experienced exponential growth since my release from that!

On this first day of fall, summer 2007 was by no means an exception to the phenomenon; in fact, I see it as the epitome of it! I have always instinctively been drawn to want to reflect on and recap my summer’s activities…sort of an essay to myself on “What I Did This Summer”. I now see that I’m programmed to respond that way, the reflection is always a mixture of delicious emotions and happy memories. By writing it all out I can recapture the feeling and later use those vibrations to inspire me onto the next one!

I’m a work hard and play hard kind of being. I’m getting the hang of letting go of the former (still) and that it’s the latter – the playing hard – that produces the stellar results in my life and causes the forces of manifestation to respond in kind.

I was blessed as a young teen, and I am largely grateful as I realize my summers were nothing short of “magical”. Between the ages of 12 and 15 or so, my grandparents were semi-retired and had taken the job of managing a beautiful, charming and well established northern family resort for a company based out of my home town. SC Johnson & Son was originally called “Johnson’s Wax” way back when my Grandfather cut grass for them as a teen. The resort was a perk for the employees, charged a minimal fee, one could take their family on a beautiful week’s vacation almost entirely on the company. Decades later, Papa left “the plant” as a successful manager and technological innovator, taking my grandmother with him – newly added to the SC Johnson payroll – to live out their days in nature’s bliss. My grandmother’s older brother and his wife had run the resort previous to them so “The Resort” was familiar to our family because we had all stayed there as guests over the years.

Every summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and March break I would be there like a shot! I had my own room, my own boats – motor, sail and canoe, my own snowmobile, water skis, snow skis, a beachfront on a pristine lake, a fresh rotation of new friends every week (two maximum), lots of untouched Precambrian nature to explore, a boys summer camp up the road and VERY allowing grandparents; all in exchange for just Being more of Me…and a few hours of cleaning cottages on Friday and Saturday mornings, cutting some grass, raking the beach once in a while after a storm blew in, bailing out boats, running small errands, oh and, filleting the fish the guests caught because they didn’t usually know how. I spent my time off in perpetual celebration from the time the school bell rang for the last time of the last semester until the day before I had to return to it!!

As I celebrate my 45th birthday this past week I am well into the 4th Harry Potter book, I am loving the luxury of getting lost in the story of Harry!! I am grateful I acted on the decision to read Rowling’s masterpieces! I am also enjoying the story of Harry Potter as a close metaphor to my own life.

“The Resort” was my Hogwarts, and summers were indeed magical and experiential! Today I still create the venues for my learning and growth in some unconventional and fantastically fun ways!

This summer has certainly been one of adventure and growth and more than a touch of magic – but mostly it’s been about “letting go”, of learning how to tap into the flow of my own life and get more in tune with my own “nature” and the dance of it. My day’s activities have shifted, become more focused, more efficient; I am getting back to the necessity of simplicity and ease and learning the art of living all of life as if it is “summer” all year ’round!

From the declarations bestowed upon us at Harv Eker’s “Never Work Again” in June, my favorite one states, “The less I work the more I earn.” As a programmed work-a-holic, getting to the feeling place of believing that has been “the work”.

I have literally “reinvented” myself, my daily activities and the ways I “work” over the summer weeks. I got good and mad at myself at some point, rolled up my sleeves and got to the work of learning how to play and get paid! The results of doing things differently are obvious and showing up all around me! I am slowly figuring how to “get out of my own way”, it’s a process, and patience with my Self is virtuous!

I learned from Tim Ferris while devouring his “The 4-Hour Workweek” book, the distinction between “efficient” and “effective” and shifted my focus to achieve mastery in the latter…

Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” has been a daily practice the last month and a half, again I am amazed by the simplicity of what works for me. This book has been in my sphere of influence for 10 years and I clearly see why NOW is the perfect time for it to present itself to me. I don’t know what my day would be like without writing out the morning pages before it starts…and, I don’t take the chance of skipping them to find out!

All in all, after the summer seminars, camping trips, the perfect books and rich experiences with a diverse set of good friends and just the perfect amount of contrast, I am somehow much bigger now than I was this Spring, causing me to remark with pride again, “Wow, you really grew fast this summer!”

The Radiant Chocolate Goddess
Raise Your Vibration With Healthy Chocolate!

Kudos for “The 4-Hour Workweek”!

Ask and it is given…every single time, no exception!

I just finished one of the best and most entertaining books I’ve ever read! Upon being lured into the bookstore by my inner guidance as I passed by it, the book almost jumped off the shelf into my hands. I have always had the best results when I let a book pick me! It’s a great way of letting the Universe provide the answers and solutions I have been asking for. It is exactly what I needed to hear to both alleviate anxiety through confirmation and fill in some pieces that I felt were missing…thing is I don’t always consciously know what pieces are missing until they find me!!

Timothy Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Workweek” is a must read for anyone “dissatisfied” with any aspect of their lifestyle. It is a targeted to both employees and entrepreneurs. He defines the term for a new subculture called the “New Rich”. It is encouraging to me to know that I am very comfortable in this “subculture”. One of the biggest “ahas” I personally had was the fact that I am still operating in many way like a “corporate employee”, despite having left the corporate game almost 3 years ago!

A few days ago I was having a discussion with my house mate, Kat. The discussion centered on the reading of books, specifically the fact that it is becoming increasingly more challenging to find a book that captures our attention and focus all the way through. Years ago I would read a book or two a week, gobbling up almost everything in it!

After having eaten personal growth for breakfast for so many years, most books I pick up and flip through smack of the “same-old-same-old”. That’s not to say they are not valuable, nurturing, confirming and mind-expanding for most, it just seems many of them are saying the same things in different ways to me, to the point where it seems as though “I’ve heard that before.” I know that if I read the book anyway I will inevitably discover a golden nugget here and there…and, I find myself asking, “Do I want to read a whole book to capture the odd nugget?” And besides, I caution myself about using the phrase, “I already know that”, it’s a statement that I find mind-closing.

I realized that my own work and experiences have caught up to – and in some cases exceeded – the perspectives of those I call “mentors”. I also realized this is a function of living on the “creative leading edge of thought”. As my friend Abraham says, “There’s never a crowd out here on the leading edge.” As a result of this “analysis” and my conversations with others it has become clear that it is time to share my own perspective in a much bigger way! It has me asking some different questions of myself, provoking some refreshing and different answers that have ever come back before!

Timothy Ferriss is certainly an individual on the leading edge! His book is just plain fun and appeals to my naturally rebellious nature. In it, he lays out a process and system for showing others how to re-organize their lives and enjoy their retirement NOW, not 20, 30 or more years from NOW. In essence he has made total sense of the magic I have witnessed in my own life, the message coming in loud and clear is “get free first, then get rich”. Tim isn’t the only one touting this message lately! And I can clearly see how my priorities were bang on by instinct when I finally cut the ties to my own corporate career. It was a life-saving decision made with little to no fear or hesitation once the timing was “perfect”.

I read it cover to cover first, laughing out loud to the point of snorting – the author’s a riot! I started reading it at the mall over lunch and people were looking at me funny as I read and enjoyed my meal. I read it all the way home as I walked, still laughing all the way. Hearing the giggling coming from my room, my house mates could have labeled me as insane if they weren’t the cool and allowing people they are…and besides they bought their own copy to enjoy! I am going through it a second time with highlighter and pencil in hand, it’s one of those books that I could highlight every line! I intend to capture and model the “missing pieces” that I sent the Universe to find for me.

Below is a few of my favorite quotes and passages, wander on over to the website to read part of the book yourself! It’s available in audio and e-book as well as hardcover.

The 4-Hour Workweek
Escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the New Rich.

The “New Rich”:

  • Follow an uncommon set of rules.
  • …are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility. This is an art and a science we will refer to as Lifestyle Design.
  • …can be separated from the crowd based on their goals, which reflect very distinct priorities and life philosophies.

“Life doesn’t have to be so damn hard. It really doesn’t.”

“It’s time to have fun and let the rest follow.”

“I’ll show you how a small underground uses economic sleight-of-hand to do what most consider impossible.”

“The commonsense rules of the “real world” are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions.”

“Reality is negotiable. Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn’t require being unethical.”

“People don’t want to be millionaires – they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy.”

“$1,000,000 in the bank isn’t the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom it supposedly allows. The question is then, How can one achieve the millionaire lifestyle of complete freedom without first having $1,000,000?

“The objective is to create freedom of time and place and use both however you want.”

“Most of the role models in this book didn’t go to the Harvards of the world, and some are dropouts. Top academic institutions are wonderful, but there are unrecognized benefits to not coming out of one.”

“So, what do you do?”…”The beauty is, I’m not a multimillionaire, nor do I particularly care to be.I never enjoyed answering this cocktail question because it reflects an epidemic I was long part of: job descriptions as self-descriptions.”

“…what I do with my time and what I do for money are completely different things…I work less than four hours per week and make more per month than I used to make in a year”

“Options – the ability to choose – is real power.”

“…each path begins with the same first step: replacing assumptions.”

“Don’t follow a model that doesn’t work. If the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good a cook you are.”

Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.

-Heinrich Heine, German critic and poet

Everything popular is wrong.

-Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest


I have a 2-part audio interview that was done for Harv Eker’s online community the “”. If you would like to listen to them send me an email and I’ll send you the link to download the MP3 files. Contact me from my website:
Eat Chocolate…Get Healthy…
Lose Weight…Make Money…

Family Reunion Time!

The Whole Gang
(Click on any of the pictures to view them bigger or surf the whole album.)

It’s been 6 years since my son and I joined the rest of the family for a few days of summer fun and frolic at our favorite spot in Northern Ontario.

I’m pretty sure I learned more about myself in the few short days with my family than I learned in the previous 2 seminars I attended just days before!

My Boy!

My son and his cousins represent the 5th generation on Red Cedar Lake Camp! My Great Grandfather helped to build one of the fishing camps on the lake. 250 miles North of Toronto, my Grandmother talks of 12 hour drives on rutted roads sleeping on the floorboards of the family car as a child. Today the drive is just under 5 hours with widened and paved roads!

Our summer getaway is a serene and fairly untouched lake. It sits on Crown land and there’s very few private property owners on the lake itself. The energy of the place rejuvenates the soul and quiets the mind, even though it takes a couple days to acclimatize to the slower, more relaxed pace! We catch the most fish too! After 5 generations we are “at one” with the fish…

Jeff Coombs

Can I come in too?!

I’m always pleasantly surprised at how “functional” our family is in this environment, the drama and challenges get put aside and left behind – fun is the focus of the days. Rich customs and rituals have developed over years of gathering together for the annual time-out. July is a month of anniversaries – Mom & Dad’s 46th this year, birthdays and first times in the water!

Baby's First Swim

We had so much fun, next year we have reservations to stay for a month!

Brother Jeff

Until then…keep a tight line eh?!

Do You KNOW Unconditional Happiness?

It’s been 10 years since I read John Gray’s classic book
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
Reading that book was – as usual – perfect timing for where I was at at the time!

While listening to John Gray speak at Seminar of the Century a couple of weeks back, I was quickly reminded of how much I love his stuff and why! I was also presented with lots of “emotional memories” of a time when my whole world was shook.

John Gray was an energetic, entertaining and engaging speaker! He presented us with some new and cool information and solutions.

At the seminar he gave out 500 copies of his book to the first at the table, today I checked out Amazon, one can get a copy for 19 cents. Don’t let the pricing affect your perception of value, it seems that John Gray wants to give this one out! It’s too important not to!! 🙂

The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution
Create the Brain Chemistry of Health,
Happiness, and Lasting Romance

Funny thing…it’s been on my bookshelf for 6 months. That’s where it landed when it arrived with my Isagenix startup kit. Although I loved John Gray’s previous work, this one said “Diet & Exercise” on it so I filed it for later…it wasn’t calling to me at the time. I figure if I had noticed the sub-title of the book I might have been more motivated to read it, and the 2 words that triggered me are most prominent!!

So as I sat “gloating” over the fact that I already had a copy of the book, I was also aware of the fact that I hadn’t really noticed it yet. It is now off the shelf and on the reading table! I bet that with everything I’ve got going on now that it has to be one of the most perfect books for me!

So far I have been applauding all the way and am inspired to share a small excerpt that blew me awaywhen I read it…

I don’t think anyone I’ve read or listened to so far has so eloquently described the state of “unconditional happiness”, it is encouraging to me to know that I recognize it – this description IS what I live and what I want for others to KNOW!

Excerpt from The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution pg 29:


Unconditional happiness means you smile for no reason at all, execept for being alive. Certainly, life has its ups and downs, but through it all you are happy. This happiness is not an abstract concept but a tangible feeling that pervades your life with such emotions as enthusiasm, excitement, joy, and pleasure. Put simply: Even little things make you happy, and big problems don’t knock you over. At difficult and challenging times, when things upset you, you are quickly able to come back to a warm feeling of gratitude for the good things in your life. In the bigger context of all the good in your life, the negative no longer has a grip on your mood.

Unconditional happiness doesn’t mean that you are not dependent on circumstance to make you happy. Whatever the circumstances, good or bad, you are rooted in your ability to see the whole picture. You don’t drop into a depressed state by focusing on the negative and forgetting all the good in your life. Whenever someone is unhappy or depressed, that person has temporarily forgotten the good things about his or her situation.

In the zone of unconditional happiness, you may feel sad or disappointed after a loss, but not unhappy. You may feel angry and frustrated when you don’t like what has happened, but not unloving. You may feel afraid in the face of loss or danger, but you are still in touch with your inner confidence. To be courageous does not mean you have no fear. It means you act in spite of your fears.

All imbalanced mental states – worry, hate, anxiety, depression, for example – result from focusing on the negative in life to the exclusion of the positive. These states of imbalance can now be measured by brain SPECT imaging, which gives a picture of the imbalance of activity in the brain. Different parts of your brain become overactive or under active. With balanced brain chemistry you are able to see the whole picture and avoid focusing on the negative.

No matter how bad things get, there are still many things to be grateful for. If you are in balance and things upset you, you quickly regain your balance by feeling the positive feelings as well.

Experiencing unconditional happiness is like lying in a warm bathtub and enjoying the waves of pleasure that come from moving in the water or feeling the water move over you. Some things make you more or less happy, but you are always connected to your essential nature, which is to be happy. When the water is still, you may even forget that it is warm, but once there is movement you feel it again. Likewise, you may forget you are happy, but all it takes is doing something enjoyable and a wave of happiness fills your being with joy and gratitude.

10 years ago when I read “Men Are From Mars…, I was at the apex of a somewhat emotionally messy separation from a partner that – to this date – co-created a situation that has been a catalyst for some of the most important lessons thus far in my life. My partner read the book straight after I finished it and what could have been disaster was largely relieved. Since that time I have held John Gray (and the Universe) responsible for my psychic and personal safety overall.

I stand in pure appreciation for the experience, without it, I wouldn’t be typing this to you now I suspect! 🙂

A little understanding goes a very long way, in hindsight, the situation at the time was a clear example of how one little shift in understanding can create a HUGE and positive end result!

I’m off to read the rest of the book now… 😉

Have You Had Some Healthy Chocolate Today?

Rocky Mountain Higher!

Hello from the road to Independent Pass… 🙂

Have you ever stood in the snow in the hot sun in a sun-dress?
(If you’re male, you don’t have to answer that…)

This was the view from my office yesterday morning as I typed to you…

This was the view this morning…

Yesterday in my post, I said, “I’m here atop the Rocky Mountains”…well…I guess I spoke too soon, I wasn’t quite at the top yet!! 🙂

Yesterday we drove up to Aspen and Snowmass from our inn in Leadville, on the way we were privileged to traverse “Independent Pass”. Great place to be as a free and independent entrepreneur on Independence Day eh?!

I got to drive the Mustang all the way up the side of a mountain!! The road was narrow, there was no guard rail and Andrea was mighty nervous! I thought it was a blast – just like the movies! I always wondered what it would be like to drive a road like that! 🙂 “Ask & It Is Given” Always, no exception!

We did finally make it to the top – over 12,000 feet at the summit! There we ran into a couple of our roommates! It was a great surprise and we found out they were the ones that made the slide mark just before us in the same snowbank we had just finished playing in!

The perfect spot to meditate…

Aspen is one of the most beautiful and affluent cities I’ve visited so far. The energy and atmosphere are welcoming and relaxing. I can see where living here would have me in a perpetual state of calm and bliss. The new homes being built on the mountain sides are breathtaking! Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the car while we were there… 🙁 I’m pretty sure we’ll go back for a visit on Monday after the seminar so I’ll definitely get some pics then!

Here’s some fresh shots of this evening’s office view! We’ve checked in to a gorgeous condo on the golf course, we’re a ways away from the seminar site, the whole 3000 acres is booked solid as 1000’s fly in for the event!

Tonight we’re off to a free concert at the seminar site by Nelly Furtado’s brother Tony! The seminar kicks off tomorrow morning bright and early! I can’t wait!

Rocky Mountain High…

(Not the Rockies, and it is a gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline from the balcony where I stayed before we flew out.)

Hello there!

Happy 4th of July to my US friends! 🙂

I think this is the 3rd year in a row I’ve been here in the US to celebrate with you all!

My good friend Andrea is still sawin’ logs after a long day of travel. After a few hours in the air and airports, we picked up our car, grabbed some treats and foodstuffs and headed for the hills! That’s our shadows waving to you, it was a LONG way down from where we were standing! It smells so good here, miles and miles of pine trees and running water everywhere!

I’m typing to you this morning from the wee town of Leadville atop the beautiful and majestic Colorado Rockies, where – as the sign says, “Life is fine at 10,200”, and I’m here to tell you the air is definately thinner up here! We were cautioned by one of the natives about unseasoned sea-level people and “altitude sickness” as they drive up the mountain. It pays to listen to the natives…we didn’t notice it until just after the Eisenhower Tunnel at almost 13,000 feet when we stopped the car to snap a few pics. We took a turn off of the main I-70 and decided to weave our way across some not-so-traveled road on the way to our desination at Snow Mass Village where we have a 2-bedroom ski chalet rented with 4 others! We’ll be driving through Aspen later this afternoon to hook up with some of our buddies heading in early for the party. 🙂

It’s just before 7am and I’m on the patio of a quaint and country-style inn – bundled up – with my laptop and a coffee watching the sun come up over the mountains.
There’s a hummingbird already happily chirping away on the feeder right beside me.

Yep, it’s a beautiful life!

The nice man at the Budget rental office took a liking to us and decided we needed a spiffy and sporty little Mustang to drive around the mountains in this week! Hot damn! I was just looking at one on the weekend and thinking how much I still like those cars! So the Universe has answered of course and gave me one to test-drive!
(I found out yesterday that it isn’t good to ride the brakes at 65MPH on a 7% downgrade…I still don’t like the smell of burning rubber, and I’ll mention it when we return the car. For now, we’ll stay in the slow lane. We don’t miss as much that way.) 😉 Not that I’d wish it on any one trucker, and I’d really like to know how often the very steep runaway-truck ramps positioned at the bottom of the downgrades gets used!

We’re off to participate in a small-town USA July 4th parade and celebration today as we make our way to our destination, I’ll be back with some more pictures and adventure stories when we stop again for the evening.

Wish you were here! Have yourself a glorious day!

Manifesting On The Fly…

I had a good giggle and an opportunity to see how my manifesting process plays out in my reality…

It seems my thoughts are showing up almost upon finishing the thought these days!! It’s so noticeable that I am very careful with where my thoughts go… 😉

I was folding up a finished load of laundry in the building’s laundry room this morning, while at the same time my roommates were heading out to meet with someone.

As I stepped off the elevator onto my floor I heard a voice in my head say, “Uh-oh”…then asked, “I wonder if Kat & Wayne thought to leave the door open…my question was answered as I tried the knob and it was locked…Doh.

Well, I knew they wouldn’t be long so I headed down to the lobby with my fresh laundry to await their return. There was a pile of newspapers in a corner so I settled in with a copy knowing my Tim Horton’s coffee would be along soon and all would be well.

As I’m sitting there I think to myself, “It would be great if the Manager was to walk in right now. He probably has a key to my apartment.” Then my mind drifted to the fact that I wouldn’t know the Manager if he did walk in ’cause he’s new.

About 30 to 60 seconds later a man came to the front door and let himself in. On his belt was a key ring full of keys and he was heading for the office door!! I asked, “Do you happen to have keys to all the apartments on that key ring?”

“I sure do!” he replied. “My name’s Mike, I’m the new Manager here.”

I laughed out loud and told him the story of how I had been stranded and that my friends would be back shortly. He let me in, we had a great chat on the way up to the apartment and a few moments later in walked the gang with my extra-large coffee! Ahhh…I love the place of perfect alignment.

And, it’s scary sometimes!!! 😉

Get Paid To Eat Healthy Chocolate!

Do You Earn A Massive Passive Income?!

“You’re not obligated to win.

You’re obligated to keep trying
to do the best you can every day.”
Marian Wright Edelman
Activist for children’s rights

Did you know one of the declarations of the very wealthy is…?

“The less I work, the more I earn.”

I’m just back and still coming down to earth after attending T. Harv Eker’s latest masterpiece, “Never Work Again“…and once again, the man has astounded and amazed us all!

I just realized this morning that as he grows so does his work and his ability to transform his students right there on the spot!

I am reminded again just how blessed I am to have somehow stumbled right into the perfect place for me once again! I live a beautiful life. It’s my intention that others get even a taste of what that
feels and looks like for them.

Never Work Again” – 1000 people in one room over 4 information-packed days of back to back
presenters, speakers and trainers on a diverse range of passive income structures and systems – all of them packaged up so that we could choose that which resonated most or was within our
personality and price range. There were opportunities that you could buy and those that one builds…whether one had time or money, there was something for everyone! Harv’s audio/visuals
team is getting great at entertaining us all and making it fun!

Some people were walking out of the room after the seminar to return home to quit their job!! A quarter of the room had arrived from Atlanta having JUST attended the “Millionaire Mind Intensive”
there 2 days before…their lives will NEVER be the same!

I’ll be dumping my notes out into this writing so that you can explore some fresh new options too!

Oh yeah, and my favorite parts; the dancing, the accelerated learning techniques and practices that led to my own shifts in perspective, and hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world! I created new partnerships, met with the energy of excited newly opening people and fresh new projects and ideas to run and play with. Harv helped one fellow propose to his partner by surprise, on stage in front of the whole room! The place went wild! It was a very special few moments.

There is an underlying social culture that has developed from years of attending courses and camps together, they are my “like-minded” crowd, there’s marriages and babies being born from with it. I personally call it “The Peaks Bubble“, others that are familiar with Harv’s work and systems call it, “the bottom of the funnel”, it has a certain “high-energy” about it, when you enter or leave it, you know it.

I bought Harv’s “MMI
home-study course in the fall of October 2002. I listened to those tapes numerous times over the next couple of years. At the end of 2004 as I was transitioning out of my corporate position, I was considering what my next level of learning and self-education should be…I decided I finally had the time and money together to study with Harv, I knew that I would find all I needed to propel my self-development and business forward. As I was about to go looking for when and where the next MMI was being held, I received an email that the first MMI in the East was being held in Toronto, Harv’s hometown! Oh happy day! I realized that my willingness to do whatever it took to get there was abundantly rewarded with something perfect – Harv was an hour away – he came to me!!

When I left my corporate employer I had a batch of stock in my name. I left it sit and saw it as a contingency fund should an opportunity arise to use it. Well that opportunity was in the form of a Peak Potentials Quantum Program Registration, Harv’s 3 to 4 year program of almost all of his courses! I found it amusing that I had EXACTLY the amount of value in my stocks as the incredible deal offered to me. It was a no-brainer/slam-dunk decision. I have appreciated every penny I have invested into Peak’s programs which = an investment in “Me”. My commitment to playing full out with my own learning has returned abundant wealth, health and happiness – absolutely!

I’ve registered both my son and I for the newest seminar not even off the presses yet! I took Isaac to Warrior camp with me 2 years ago and he still says it was the best week he’s ever had!
I can hardly wait for that one!

If you have attended a Peak Potentials “Millionaire Mind Intensive”, check out “Never Work Again”! It’s the next natural step after an MMI because there we learn a whole lot about The Golden Goose and Passive Income – it’s good to know what a good passive income vehicle looks like!

My notes, opinions and perspectives are below, my opinion is my own, you have your own, make sure it’s an educated one…feel free to explore that which resonates with you…it’s a buffet…all you
can eat, and do eat all you take…

Network Marketing

Randy Gage –

By far the favorite speaker of the entire seminar!!
Randy is the number one network marketer in the world! He was both engaging and entertaining and set the room straight on what Network Marketing is and is not…

After he spoke, people were seeking me out to see what company and products I had to offer!! Did you know 9 out of 10 people like chocolate? 😉

I purchased Randy’s training system to share with my fast-growing group. As he says,

“I have a Leadership factory
disguised as a wellness company.”

Internet Marketing

David Wood – $40K per month!

This Dood does exactly what I do!! It was a very confirming hour as he showed the audience right on the screen how fast one can be set up to build a list and a website! He did it in minutes! See?! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I’ve been coaching and teaching folks for years through my newsletter. I’ve gone on to assist others to develop their own “web clubs” too!

Here’s David’s 5 Main Reasons to have your own:

  • Replace work with fun
  • Be at choice
  • Help people
  • Be paid to enjoy life
  • Enjoy massive creativity
Eben Pegan – Ebook Self-Publishing

Created almost $47K within an hour right there at the event! Eban writes under the pen name of David DeAngelo and did very well with a book called “Double Your Dating”. He doesn’t speak for
large audiences in general and was there for us to show us step-by-step how to put an ebook together and offer it up at our website!! The crowd was astonished and amazed at how easy it really is!
Darn…my cover is blown…YES!! It IS really THAT easy! Ask me how if you have a book in you that wants out!

Joel Comm –

The King of the Adsense Game! Joel showed us on the spot how to setup our blogs and websites with Adsense! All the tools to set it up for yourself are free!

Armand Morin – $30K per day!

I had heard about Armand Morin and having him on stage was – in and of itself – an epiphany for me! Armand showed us all how easy it is to generate passive income streams from using affiliate marketed products. He also showed us how to position ourselves right in the middle of the targeted traffic we want to offer our products to. There weren’t too many secrets here…although many
think there are…

My notes say, “If you can type, you can do it!” And here’s the TOP SECRET secret- tell no one…here’s what it takes to be successful…

  • Highlight
  • Copy
  • Paste

They don’t call me the Copy & Paste Queen for nothin’!!

Best-selling Book Publishing

Harv & Literary Agent – Bonnie Solow

Harv had his book agent dial in for an interview and went on to explain to us step-by-step how to go about getting our book to #1 on the best-seller lists. It’s a huge process…one that continues over years, for little return on your intellectual
property. In the “anyone can do it” category,
Harv’s words of wisdom,

“The term is “best-seller” not “best-writer”.

All that’s required is the right connections and a marketing strategy…the printers print, they don’t market.

I think I’ll stick to Ebooks and Self-Publishing…one can get to the best-sellers list that way too!

Venture Partnering

Berny Dohrmann –

This is a unique company promoting “collaboration vs. competition”, CEOSpace is “A World Trade Show That Never Ends”. We are undergoing a “Cooperation Revolution” with a “new Government that is of the
Global Online Village”. He made the following points about cooperation and competition:

  • Competition punishes diversity.
  • Cooperation celebrates human diversity.
  • Cooperation promotes alliances.
  • Competition is fear-based and exploitive.
  • Cooperation is nurturing and empowering.

Berny had the whole room play his “board game” for 15 minutes to demonstrate how well his simple system can get you what you want in minutes! The end results were magical…the Universe loves this game!


High Tech Vending

Kirk Laidlaw –

If your office is suffering the nasty coffee blues, spruce things up with a Gourmet Coffee Machine that grinds the beans for each cup and makes fresh brewed regular coffee plus cappuccino, espresso, moccaccino, hot chocolate and even flavoured cappuccino like french vanilla, english toffee and irish cream, just to list a few…for a fraction of the big coffee shop prices.

All that right in the office break-room!

Bob Gallner – – DVD Now

A video store in a box! Technology never ceases to amaze me! I should think a couple of big video rental stores might be concerned about these popping up everywhere! Convenience and ease rules…

Digital Signage

Alpha Multimedia –

3D Communications Terminal Very cool and high tech kiosks at a reasonable investment. Find the
locations and they’ll set everything up for you!! A Canadian company out of Mississauga partnered with one of my favorite companies for the installation; Bell Canada. “AM” has the largest interactive digital narrow cast network in Canada! This machine has internet access, video email, games, VoIP pay phone, digital advertising, interactive advertising,3D advertising and accepts cash & credit cards.

Real Estate & Mortgages – “Be The Bank”

Ed Mercer –

Ahhh yes! My favorite offering of the whole seminar!! I bought the rights to own a place in Costa Rica! I heard Ed Mercer speak at Millionaire School in the fall of 2005 and really didn’t “hear” what he had to offer…this time it was crystal
clear, I’m in!! Both a long-term investment and a passive income stream, Costa Rica has been on the top of my list to see for years! I’ll have much more on this soon, I was offered an incredible deal that is open to my friends as well! This is one happening little country!!

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Scott Scheel –

“The 7 Moves to Checkmate”
This was one of my favorite presentations! Scott’s story leaves you knowing that if he can do it, I can do it! He’s developed a system that teaches
one how to invest in commercial real estate without your own money. It’s a good passive income on about 4 hours a week.

Kris Kirchner’s –

Buy and sell houses without your own money or credit or Real Estate License! Kris’s story was amazing and the system he’s developed is brilliant! I’ll be researching it more closely for sure!

Mobile Homes & Parks

Jerry Hoganson –

Did you know that Warren Buffet owns mobile home parks?! This was one of those surprising and astonishing topics! There’s huge opportunity for passive income if you own modular homes or the whole park! Jerry has a system for showing you
how to get involved.


Harv covered this topic himself and showed us what parts of North America need more storage. Would you believe there’s actually people living in
mini-storage units?!! That blew my mind…and they are a passive income cash cow! He also covered some “niche” ideas – RV, Boat, Antiques & Business
Record Storage.

Patent Licensing

Jerry Oakes –

The Guy that invented iron on t-shirt transfers and mood rings!! He knows the licensing and patent processes! He showed us how to facilitate the connections between manufacturers and distributors.
Royalties on intellectual property is definately the way to earn money!

Art Licensing 101

Workin’ at the car wash…..sing it with me!

John Holzinger –

Turn water to gold with MarkVII’s system…

Mark VII is the North American subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicle cleaning systems.
Over 35,000 sites with WashTec AG/Mark VII systems wash in excess of 2.4 million vehicles a day. Whether you’re an experienced carwash operator or are looking to become a new investor, we offer a complete line of car wash equipment. I really didn’t know washing cars was a big thing…very informative and perfect for more than one person
I know…

In general, once you have your money machine set up you have the option to keep it or sell it, either way you’ve created a stream of income that keeps on giving even when you walk away from the source of it!!

Any one of the opportunities above can provide passive income if their systems are followed and we make ourselves students of how it works.

We can buy it, build it or a combination of both. All the while building ourselves and consequently our net worth – which is usually fairly equal to our sense of “self worth”…go figure eh?

You know overall I’ve found that the wealthier a person is…

  • the sweeter they are!
  • They always come from the heart
  • …are always focused on how they can make
    things better for themselves and a bunch of their friends.
  • Their goal is to give money away vs. amassing it.
  • Their visions are HUGE and outrageous!!
  • They are always laughing and having fun…no matter what!
  • I want to BE “that”.

OK! Next adventure – “The Party On The Mountain”, “Woodstock For The Mind”…”Seminar Of The Century”!! History will be in the making and the mountain will be a rockin’ next weekend!!

I’ve just had enough time to unpack, organize, launder and re-pack to join my friends in Snowmass, Colorado!!

See you there then?!

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always
to try one more time.”
Thomas Edison – 1847-1931
Inventor and Entrepreneur