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Stuck together forever…

The buffer of time gives you the opportunity to get it right before it manifests, to take pleasure from the vision and from the moulding it into place… Can you imagine if everything was manifesting instantly? You would manifest this, and then you would manifest it away. And then you’d manifest that, and then… It would be a difficult thing if you were instantly manifesting every whim or every misaligned thought. It’s so much better that you have this buffer of time where you can feel it into perfection before it manifests into your experience. – Abraham

It’s been 8 full years since discovering the wisdom and philosophy of my friends Abraham and consequently of following my bliss and creating my own world “on purpose”, having said that, the creating doesn’t always originate from an entirely “conscious” state of mind. I am fully aware that EVERY thing in my experience I am “responsible” for and after almost a decade I can still be heard occasionally uttering the question, “What the f#*k?! How did I manage to create this for myself?!”

My intuitive hits are like the rumours of my mind and, like starting a good rumour, once a vision or idea picks up some momentum it’s hard to stop it from eventually manifesting.

Over this long span of constantly monitoring my own thoughts and feelings I have created a thought-record with which to map out how I got from there to here. This past year has been the best yet, driving home the fact that I have become masterful at creating that which I am really, really wanting – whether I knew I wanted it or not.

Using my personal experiences as examples it has always been very important to me to share my insights publicly for the benefit of others who may be looking on and seeking the same joy, peace and freedom that I continue to experience today.

Putting my self “out here” isn’t always comfortable because life’s greatest lessons come from the deepest personal experiences – the greatest teachings for all concerned originating from both the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. I believe our personal stories are very important to each other’s well being.

The last time I posted was July, just before I declared that I would like to take life to the next level, what happened next reinforced the fact that we really need to “watch what we wish for”…and if you believe there is no such thing as coincidences, this story is pretty hilarious…

The first Saturday in August I was feeling a little bored and somewhat restless so I decided to turn on my online dating profile. I first signed on there sometime back in March after 4 years of being very, very single. A contrasting experience in February of 2006 had left me wanting a time out from partnering with another until I figured some things out. I decided at that time to convert my energies into my work and business for a while, I was more than content and 4 years flew by rather quickly with no notice of anything missing.
I call this stretch my “Chapter 11” phase after Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think & Grow Rich” under the title, “The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation – The Tenth Step Toward Riches” where it says,

“The meaning of the word “transmute” is, in simple language, “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.”

It’s no surprise that I accomplished more in my professional and business life in those 4 years than ever before, and it was long enough, things were levelling out and something seemed missing. I started to ponder what having a partner would look like for me again after those years of solitude and personal growth.

So as I sat in front of the computer screen somewhat in protest for having to subject myself to the barrage of (somewhat lame) inquiries and comments from others at a dating site, I posted a search for those in my age-range within a 10 mile radius of home and amongst the dozens of profiles popped up one that caught my eye. I was looking for company, someone with similar interests, and given my diversity of same and non-traditional lifestyle, it is usually difficult to impossible to find another “just like me”, yet here was a profile with names in it like Abraham-Hicks, T. Harv Eker and Wayne Dyer – cool – so I sent off a message of greeting to see what would come back.

An email exchange ensued which lead to friend requests on Facebook where I was able to see who this person was more clearly, funny, he has the name of my Great Grandmother Louch, how cool is that? About 5 minutes after I added him to my friends list I heard from my Mother asking if he is related. No idea and I’ll find out.

We set up a time to meet for a coffee. I’d like to say that when I saw him it was love at first site and fireworks, and that wasn’t the case although there seemed a familiarity I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I liked him pretty much though, we had lots in common and upon inquiring about where his family was from found out they are from the same town, a very small and somewhat obscure place here in Ontario…hmmm…an intuitive hit told me we’re likely related. Neither of us knew much about the side of the family that may connect us.

Shortly after our brief coffee together I had an invitation to spend a day with him, a first date. We talked endlessly and crammed in as much information about our histories and preferences as we could get in. That day lead to another, weekends away and before we knew it a romance had ensued.

After a few weeks I was introduced to his Mom on Facebook and after telling her I had ties back to the Louch name she put her niece onto figuring out if there was a connection between us. It wasn’t long before I received a document which confirmed that we are indeed cousins, 4th cousins to be exact.

[Insert favourite redneck joke here.]

My Great-Great-Grandfather is the same guy as Ron’s Great Grandfather. Or another way, my Great Grandfather and Ron’s Grandfather are brothers, my Dad and Ron are 3rd cousins.

There’s about 6 Billion people in the world and the Universe had to match me up with a cousin! I have to admit, knowing one’s partner is family puts a bit of a different spin on the feel of the relationship. We are aware that even if things don’t work out over the long run, we’re still family, may as well make it work…

The cousin connection has added an extra kick to the relationship and a certain “respect” if you will. If we believe what Abe says about sticking to our families energetically over the generations reincarnate, well then this was pretty much destined to happen.

Did you know that 20% (likely more) of the world’s relationships are between cousins? That factoid kind of blew me away and obviously I resonated with the statistic on some level…

It keeps us laughing and I’m guessing it will never get old. I like him pretty much so we’ll see how it goes.

And Universe, you have one helluva’ sense of humour!

Once again, be careful what you wish for, and be prepared to get more than you did wish for, that you can rely on…

Still Enjoying The Journey After 15 years…

“I’m not here to fix anything because nothing is broken,

but everything is continually changing and expanding.

Release your struggle, and seek joy and fun, and in doing so,

you will align with the fantastic expanding rhythm of this Universe.”

– The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Card (My favorite.)

Feelin cheeky

I was just a few days back from Reno, sitting at my kitchen table enjoying my coffee when a gentle and loving little voice popped up from inside my head and said,

“Happy Anniversary Julie.”

Whatda’?! I snapped to attention and suddenly realized, this year I had forgotten to acknowledge and celebrate one of my own personal major milestones!

While I was adventuring in far off places, June 11th passed by without a single thought about it being my 15th anniversary in business for myself!

I tend to intend, look back on, and measure progress in 5 year segments on a long-term basis. As I turn to hind-sight 15 years, I have a lot of chuckling to do at myself and mostly, lot of back-patting and high-fives too…

All I can think of to say is, “Wow. You’ve come a long, long way from that diamond in the rough you used to Be!”

I’m looking at the first contract I signed with a Direct Marketing company – “Application For Amway Distributor Authorization”, it was signed by me June 11th, 1995 and interestingly is also signed by both my parents on the lines above my name, above them is the names of my brother and his wife’s family. It was a day I mark as the beginning of a whole new way of thinking and being.

Behind that application is the “Warehouse Ordering Authorization” form signed by my upline “Diamond” distributor dated September, 1997.

In March of 1998, I registered a “distribution and consulting” business with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations department of Ontario – that’s when things really got fun and deliciously interesting – not because of the paperwork, because of the fork in the road I took at the time.

(1998 is also when my internet moniker “DiamondJul” was co-creatively “born”.)

From my vantage point here at June 2010, without looking at these documents I’ve saved, I couldn’t string the events along a timeline from memory, these remnants of my history represent some of the best decisions I ever made for myself…that I’m aware of – wasn’t so confident on that point at the time…

My experiences with the esteemed Amway Co. and its field team laid the foundation for a new personal philosophy, work ethic, and whole new perception on “learning”. The time, money, tears and sweat invested there absolutely opened the doors to endless possibility for the rest of my life – it also threw the doors open to my own potential and led me out of a rather small box I had been living in until that time.

For the first time in my life I was being asked questions like; if time and money was no object, what would you do? What do you want? What would the perfect life look like?

These questions I continue to ask myself. They cause me the greatest joy – and if I’m not careful with my focus – the greatest sorrow.

As I gaze back into the last decade and a half of experiences I am humbled and blessed by what I have accomplished. I cannot think of one thing I’ve done that doesn’t cause me to include all the people I’ve touched and learned from along the way, I have accomplished everything with assistance from others.

June 1995 was when I became acutely aware that I was embarking on an entirely different path than those usually around me…

…fast forward to the end of June 2010, and I can assure you with 100% certainty the cutting and polishing of this chunk of crystallized coal continues to this day, which I suspect to continue indefinitely.

To The Top We Go!

The 3 Weary Travelers...

I live a life I was unable to imagine 15 years ago. I started out fully knowing what I didn’t want for sure and have had to learn to focus on what I do want – the practice continues today.

Focus is precious and it is EVERYTHING; next to Persistence that is; (my personal favourite quality above all else).

To notice the “bad” things around me is just as easy as noticing the “good” things, and to not look at or give attention to the bad things is nothing short of an art form and constant discipline, swinging from the negative to the positive in my thinking and focus is a changing and expanding process that I also expect will continue.

Aside from many, many beautiful people, there’s more than a handful of things I picked up along the trail…

Some of my best Girls!!

  • Being a follower is easy – especially if you don’t think much about whom you’re following and where they’re going; just be prepared for a rocky ride.
  • Being a leader is richly and satisfyingly challenging and totally where it’s at!
  • Leading leaders is way easy. Leading followers is hard.
  • While Being said leader, don’t look back! For anything. Just keep going! Those that are going to join you in the race will catch up, pull up alongside you or wave to and encourage you on their way by you. It’s all good. You can’t wait for ANYONE! In fact, go catch up to the guy that just passed you, he kind of looks like he knows where he’s going, or at least what he wants!
  • The difference between honesty and integrity – honesty is when everyone is looking, integrity is when no one is looking, authenticity is born from understanding the distinction and co-existence between the two.
  • Being 10 or so years ahead of schedule is courageous; living on the leading edge of everything hones patience, faith in the things we cannot see on the outside yet – and above all else – compassion.
  • Being a pioneer, taking the “road less travelled” provides ample first-person understanding of discrimination…and more compassion…
  • Whomever originally stated, “Ignorance is bliss”; was either brilliant or aught to be shot… (I can’t decide?) – again back to “focus”…oh, and even more compassion.
  • Doing what I’m supposed to do and doing what I love can indeed be the same thing! (Took a while for this middle-aged, 180-degree, non-conformist rebel to get this one.)
  • My personal connection and relationship to everyone and everything else is all that matters.
  • Health, happiness and freedom is more important than wealth and stuff. (Had to get my horse back out in front of the cart on this one.)
  • No matter how good you think it is now, there’s always lots of room for things to get even better.
  • My gut rules over my mind most of the time.
  • Gravity is kind to small boobs. Ok; so I digress, if only to see if you’re still reading, and it’s still true!

One of my most important mentors, Jeanette Brooks, gave me a seemingly simple set of affirmations while in coaching with her. I hadn’t truly understood the true value and power of reprogramming myself with affirmations until I took on the challenge that came with the set below.

I would like to pay both the list and the challenge as an experiment forward to you…this is way more than free, it is available to anyone at no cost for the possibility of infinite return, the sweat off your brow and perhaps even some tears, exercising the intellect hurts at first sometimes.

Are you up for it? We’ll see.

Here’s the list of statements:

1. I know what I want.

2. I have a clear picture of how I want to Be and what I want to Do.

3. I work toward the achievement of my goals every day.

4. I achieve my desires through;
The knowledge of my purpose
The passion of my desire and
The power of my commitment

5. I am more than enough.

Now here’s the challenge, or experiment if you will…

Print them out.
Find your favorite mirror.
Look yourself in the eye and state the affirmations out loud.
Do this upon waking in the morning and before going to sleep at night.
Memorize the list by 4 days.
Do this without fail for 30 days and simply observe yourself as you do it.
Above all else, go easy on yourself and have FUN with it.

Focus is precious, where’s yours pointed?

Let us all know what shows up.

I can almost guarantee you’ll want to share…

I’m going to the top regardless, see you there, it would be great to have you along!

Going Formal In Reno

Ready And Not, Here I Come!

Well lookie there, yep, there’s a baby in there alright.

Hey! I think I saw it wink at me…

Baby's First Ultrasound

…and, deciding on what I want my grand-baby to call me was not a task on any of my to-do lists!

I was merrily skipping along my focused way a few weeks ago; in fact it was March 31st, when my son, while home for a visit and shortly after moving into his first apartment with his new girlfriend – calls me upstairs where he was gathering some more of his things,

“Mom, can you come upstairs for a minute please?”

I thought little of it when I saw him standing nervously awaiting me,

“What’s up?” I asked.

He replied, “Well Mom, I’ve been meaning to tell you something, it looks like I have a little miracle on the way.”

In that moment a whole bunch of things that had been going on around my boy lately, suddenly made total sense! If you’ve heard of the proverbial “deer in the headlight” moment, that was one for me. It took what seemed an eternity to decipher what I had just heard.

Honestly, I remember my immediate thought was that it was a day’s early April Fool’s joke – hence the reason I remember the exact date. Although I knew it was no joke, I did take notice of my expert ability to go into immediate denial, and, after all, I had barely begun to adjust to “all of a sudden” having an empty nest and being somewhat of a mother-in-law.

For the law of attraction practitioners or wannabes out there reading this: My second thought was,

“Oh crap! My worrying has come back to kick me square in the butt.”

Did take notice of my ability to take responsibility for what just showed up!

Remember we get what we don’t want as easily as we get what we do want.

I fretted pretty good over this sort of “forever” happening with his previous girlfriend, did the sigh of relief when he cleared that situation unscathed, I let it go and forgot about it. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind around the newest friend. The dynamics were totally different and much more “desirable”. Also remember when we think something up, it’s already 99.9% created, it’s just a matter of someone lining up to receive it…hence the title of this post, “Ready And Not”.

However in the mix, I was also asking what it would be or take for my son to step up and out into his own…again, be aware of what you ask for and how you ask for it, it pretty much doesn’t seem to matter when you asked or who it was concerning, how are ya’ feeling when you’re askin’?!!

It’s all good if we choose to see it that way, and hey, I no longer have to spend much energy figuring out which city I want to live in next, that’s pretty much been figured out for me.

A favourite Abraham-Hicks quote from 1997 has hung on my fridge since my son was going through the (fairly dark and stormy) teen years, it gave me solace then as it does now:

Your children cannot learn without exploring contrast.
They cannot even desire without exploring contrast.

So you must joyously and trustingly release them to life experience, which is their teacher, and hold an image that, through the contrast, their true desire will erupt and that they will find a way of finding vibrational harmony with it. And their odds of doing that is very, very good, especially if you have found vibrational harmony with your own desire.

I’m not sayin’ this is “contrast” and it will ‘cause my boy to get wiser quicker I’m certain, life has gotten far more complex for him almost overnight, as with anyone the immediate change in direction may leave some marks. I am grateful he and I have a solid connection; the rich conversation this has opened up between us is something no Mom can put a price on.

On now officially Being said, “mother-in-law”, I’ll have you know I did ask permission of new “daughter-in-law” to scan and post the baby picture above!

We’ll find out in the next photo shoot whether this precious gift is a he or a she, and once we know that, he or she will have a name! This all really helps me out on which color of yarn I need to be knittin’ with!

Can you believe my luck? I get to make baby booties for my grandchild! First things first though, I’m off to find a pattern for a baby Santa outfit for baby’s first Christmas this year!

The initial surprise and concern has transformed into excited anticipation, like any Mom all I really want for my boy is to be happy and know that he is “good” with what’s showing up for him!

I am feeling assured as I watch him rise to his own occasions, he’ll be just fine and I’m here when he needs me.

Nana Diamond

My name is Julie and I am so proud to be a Canadian…

How we Canadians do anything is how we do everything…
And we sure do know how to throw a party eh?!

How are you dealing with the Games withdrawal this week?

While some of my finest country-mates were scooping up Gold medals like kids in the proverbial candy shop the last couple weeks, “Yay Kids!”, I was running alongside them completing a personal race of my own…

As of February 21st I officially – and finally – claimed the esteemed MXI Corp’s Gold Executive Level – a level of their popular compensation plan that is the first level of Leadership!

It has been a long time lining up for the taking and I guess these last few weeks I really got swept up in the spirit of winning.  My success was not for me.  It was for my organization – my country if you will.  Title aside, it pays really good for trying so this wasn’t even about “the money”, it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I handed Jeanette Brooks herself a note on February 13th that said I’d be a Gold on or before March 3…[Gulp]  (Important to nail this one seeing as how I’m cozied up with her for mentoring for the next 9 months!)

My title was officially on the MXI books Tuesday, March 2.

I know this for sure – MXI Corp makes the achievement pins they award their distributors out of the real thing…

I have been at Silver Executive Level – one of the company’s highest paid Silver’s – for far too long…my tarnished pin is a symbol for acclamation and unfortunately “attrition”.  It marks a transition from being a good manager to being a new Leader…

The coveted Golden Kitty has been paid forward to me from my Enroller as her first Gold Distributor…

This fuzzy little kitty is valuable for what it stands for, a tradition – thank you Jeannie, this cutie will be paid forward to my first MXI Gold Executive Associate – who’s next?!

As the now-etched-in-my-brain-forever song says,
“I believe in the power…of You and I.”

The statistics from MXI Corporation will show you where the heart of their business is growing the fastest.  As one whose organization spans both sides of our border I am well aware of the “differences” in the collective energy of our neighboring countries.

Canada performs in this business of Healthy Chocolate the exact same way we performed for the world at the Olympics, the results are undeniable, belief combined with heart always gets desirable results for all concerned!

I am humbled and inspired by the incoming messages of congratulations, the gifts from my closest comrades – this never happened at my last 24-year gig – who cares about the money and stuff, bring on the accolades!!  Those that know my story understand the perseverance and persistence, trials, tribulations and yes, even loss of life – it has taken to get here, and I am more aware than ever that I did not do it alone!  I am clear on the importance of staying “mobilized” upward.

“Let my actions speak so loudly that you cannot hear me.”

My team makes my head leak with pride and joy for their tenacity and courage to stand with me, with “us” for something we collectively know as “good”.

Thank You team!!  I have put a tick of completion beside “Gold Executive” on the Rank Qualifications sheet, it’s now your turn, we’re here for you, and I’m headin’ straight for Diamond from here!

Katherine O’Hara was brilliant at the closing ceremonies Sunday night, she is so authentic and one could tell she’d been on the “inside” throughout, it resonated with me when she stated,

“Canadians Dream Big!”

I concur and I feel I now have full-out permission and the backing to continue with my big dreams and grand thoughts of freedom and abundance for ALL!!

Now…I’m needin’ a date for the all expenses paid trip for two I just won! It’s off to Reno next month, they’re rollin’ out the red carpet for us!

Now for the rest of the story…

I Have A Dream…

Where is it you ask?

Well, hang on a moment, I may have to rummage around a bit…somewhere in here I have one of those…at least, I used to have one, for about 10 years it was front and center, it helped me create everything I enjoy today…now wherever did I put that thing? I’m sorry it’s taking so long…this is a little embarrassing to say the least…

Ah yes, here it is! Funny thing is, I don’t recall putting it way back here on this dark corner shelf though, I must have been preoccupied with something to have put it here myself, or maybe someone else put it here for me?

Oh, it’s more than a little dusty in fact upon closer inspection it appears I might have to call in a professional to help me restore it?

You know, as I look at it closely and hold it again, I can see that it’ll shine up real fine with a little honing, a couple of enhancements here and over there, a bit more detailing around this area…yeah, yeah…I can keep it polished and shined up myself once I’ve had the help of an artist and expert of dream restoration!

So who do you know that can help me restore and refurbish this ol’ dream of mine anyway? I really have no idea what this could look like when it’s back in its renewed shape…and I’m sure there are very few qualified for such a thing…

Jeanette Brooks
Founder & President
MXI Corporation

I find it more than fitting that the Olympic Games are on right here on my own turf at this particular time. I have CTV on in the background of my cozy home-office environment and have watched as much of them as my focus will allow. I still haven’t seen the Gold-winning performance by Scott & Tessa and I thank the Universe for YouTube…

It’s on the “to do list” to catch it later…at this time, I’ve had my own personal Olympic Games to train for, opening ceremonies are today and this past weekend I grabbed a Gold medal myself, more on that after the ink has dried, it is more delicious stuff for story telling, and I need more hindsight on the experience as it is still unfolding as I type this…

For the first time in my life I am watching the Olympics with very different eyes, and for the first time I am paying attention to all aspects of human performance and efficiency, especially the mental side of the journey to excellence, and in particular to how people work together in teams to achieve their ultimate end’s result.

I have discovered the magic of “Me + 1 or more = All Things Possible“, the secret is in the power and leverage of a team, even the lone performer is backed by a host of others that support them in getting what they want for the price they pay, we do nothing alone.

This past weekend I was a large part of everyone doing a little bit to create what looked like a small miracle at the end of a busy and focused couple of days…it was inspiring and energizing, humbling and satisfying.

For the last several weeks I have also been making preparations for one of the most daunting tasks I have yet to undertake – equal in scope to the preparations of one of our globe’s finest athletes.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I am at the end of a 10 – 15 year dream. I am living what I imagined for myself 5 years ago. My questions to the Universe lately have been very much along the lines of “what’s next for the DiamondJul?”

Time to get my “NLG” on, my “Next Level of Greatness”. It makes little sense to me to get off of the ride of my life just as the ride is getting gooder. I am also knowing the only way to stay on it with my friends is to keep up with the excitement and speed of the ride…strap in, keep my hands and feet in the car and move with the centrifugal forces…don’t resist, just go with it…

This seems to be the way of “leadership”, the more I let go and let the Universal Manager handle the “hows”, the more fun I have and the more perfection I get!

I sit at this home-based helm as President, VP, CEO, COO, CTO, Sales Manager, Product Developer, Technician, Administrator, Cook, Floor Sweeper and Toilet Cleaner of my own multi-million dollar virtually virtual company. I am also acutely aware of the fact that I am perhaps this company’s own worst employee and that my company is in dire need of “leadership”, a good manager it has always had, what it now needs is a new vision for what’s next if it is to live up to my expectations.

I guess all things considered, I’m it – “if it is to be it’s up to me“. No touch-backs, no returns, no refunds. May as well burn the bridge behind you ‘cause you aren’t coming back…it’s time to step up and trust, jump with eyes wide open and grow your wings on the way down if you have to!

And, conditioning is imminent.

I have recently been hand-picked to be mentored and coached by a woman I hold equal in power and grace only to Oprah insofar as the ultimate good she’s up to in this crazy world of ours. I am honoured and not underestimating the significance of what’s available to me here, I am sure I’ll be more humbled going forward with her processes.

I met Jeanette for the first time in April 2007 when she burst onto my scene like a splash of cold water in the face on a hot summer’s day! I have been riveted to her since and longing for the day when I would be worthy of her attention…I had found the perfect female mentor in my previously male-dominated world.

We have a phrase on the inner circle that describes this delightful person:

“Jeannette is a cross between Dolly Pardon and Donald Trump, and there’s no filter between her mind and her mouth, she puts everything she thinks “out there”.

My preparations for today’s conference call kick-off have been more than thought provoking, they have been mentally gruelling, I will be required to step outside the box once again to discover something yet undiscovered…Dolly Pardon I can handle, not so sure about the Donald Trump side…did watch his shows…and word has it through those having been here with Jeanette – I don’t know tough yet, I do know she will help us get personal results greater than we have ever experienced before.

“Leadership is not about doing what’s right it’s about doing what’s necessary…”
– Winston Churchill

So what does necessary look like for me?

I am scared silly over what it’s going to take for me to come up with a definitive answer. I’ve done the Ultimate Leadership camp, got the Warrior t-shirt and know there’ll be some emotional bruises and abrasions along the way and I’m sure the rewards will be more satisfying than I know about satisfying… My team mates have my 3, 6 and 9 covered, my sister-in-law and dearest friends are along for the ride with me to our tops!

I’ll keep you well posted as the programming unfolds, wish me luck, I’m goin’ all in on this one…

Team Chocolate are you READY?!

Let’s ROCK this thang!!!

Eat chocolate get healthy, share chocolate get wealthy…

There’s No business like Xo-Business!

A little re-purposing for playing…

There’s no business like Xo-Business like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing, everything that Jeanette will allow
Where else can you get that happy feeling when She’s taking that extra bow

There’s no people like Xo-People, they smile when they are low
Even with a turkey that you know will fold, you may be stranded out in the cold
Still you wouldn’t change it for a sack of gold, let’s go on with the XO!!

The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Are secretly unhappy folk because
The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Get paid for what they do but no applause.
They’d gladly bid their dreary jobs goodbye for anything Xocai™ and why?

There’s no business like Xo-Business and I tell you it’s so
Traveling through the country is so thrilling, standing out in front on opening nights
Smiling as you watch the living room filling, and there’s your Car out there in lights

There’s no people like Xo-People, they smile when they are low
Angels come from everywhere with lots of jack, and when you lose it, there’s no attack
Where could you get money that you don’t give back? Let’s go on with the XO!!

There’s no business like Xo-Business like no business I know
You get word before the XO has started that your favourite uncle died at dawn
Top of that, your Pa and Ma have parted, you’re broken-hearted, but you go on

There’s no business like Xo-Business like no business I know
Yesterday they told you You would not go far, that night you open and there you are
Next day on their website they’ve hung a star, let’s go on with the XO!!

Curtains Up!!
Wassup’ with this?

Takin’ the party to the top…

I am always walking the tight-rope between my inherent, too-sunny-for-some optimism and the sometimes brutal realism I create for myself as I go along. Good thing this year’s study and practice is all about “Leadership.” I have discovered fairly recently I shine as a Manager…not so much as a Leader… I have all the markers to be a good one, and by the way, what exactly does a Leadership role look like for me?

I’ve asked myself lately, “Self, why are you shy to share your stuff now?” I certainly wasn’t in the past, I was always “out there” with my words…a pioneer of the grassroots network online, an innovator in virtual community technology and etiquette…you are happiest out here on the leading edge of thought and vision and all it provokes…what’s changed?

The answer was not long in coming back and it was a revelation: Remember, 10 or 12 years ago, most of your world was not online yet…the internet was a foreign animal to most and a wonderful new-world escape from the usual and mundane. All those you know and love are now showing up, technology has now caught up to your dream – thanks to Facebook, they’re finally here!

Gulp…no wonder, and dammit, I’m still letting what others think trip me up and hold me back from contributing what I worked so hard for to give!! Some old programming is indeed insidious and persistent. I am back, not giving a rip anymore, the rubber’s meetin’ the road for many and it’s time to share like I’ve never shared before!

This past holiday season I celebrated my 5th year out here in the world of business on my own.

It has taken me about 24 months to accomplish what it took me 24 years to do on the traditional employment path.

Since leaving “Ma Bell” after 24 years of faithful and loyal service, I have looked back only to remember and appreciate all those that I knew and loved and to revel in the glory of just how much I have accomplished in such a short time out of my “corporate nest”.

I am now living the dream I knew how to dream back in 2004. I am enjoying the manifestation of the intentions I launched from my asking for “more and better”. This future – now – looks a little different than I pictured and yet it “feels” better than I could have imagined, more perfect than I could have made it with my mind’s eye. I have confidence and assurance that my future is always brighter than I’m able to paint it – and yet, paint it I must!

It seems I need an entirely new dream for the next 5 to 10 though, the trips ‘round the sun are going to go by no matter what I put my focus to, and I’ve been on this plateau I’m on for too long. In the busy-ness of my early-retired life I had failed to notice I had “arrived”, which equates to a lack of appreciation on my part. I have experienced first-hand that partying on the plateaus too long on the journey upward leads to inertia and left long enough – ultimately to attrition.

The intentions I launched as I was heading out the door of corporate employment in December of 2004 were realized some months ago. My intention for now – 5 years from back then – was to enjoy a similar home environment, income and security as I was accustomed to within my corporate experience – without the bosses, daunting tasks and family-time cramping schedule. I wanted more fun and freedom, time to create and reflect, more choices – work or play? Both? OK. I wanted more possibilities…passive, residual income. I wanted to be an excellent Network Marketer. It became a drive and my chosen profession years before I left my place of employment.

Today my MXI Corp US$ cheques arrive every two weeks, like clockwork, on the same day they had from Bell Canada since the 1980’s. I have created a valuable business asset the bank and our government really, really like and encourage me to grow and nurture. I have more friends, guides, perks and security than I could have imagined for myself 5 years ago – even the corporately sponsored car is on its way.

This household has been on the government program few yet understand the power of for almost 15 years now.

This week I will celebrate my 3rd anniversary as an MXI Corporation Executive Associate, trying to imagine 24 years with this corporate entity. I am at the company’s Silver level, about to go to Gold on my way to the current top level “Ambassador”. I am already an “MXI Ambassador” in my mind and actions. Capturing the honorable MXI Ambassador flag is just a matter of a little compressed time, a handful of life-loving people, a few more favourable circumstances oh, and bullet proof belief in my vision and the absolute power at my command.

This is not my first affiliation, having only minute success with many other vehicles before this, to have “failed forward” this far is to call myself a professional and render myself very useful to many that are now asking for more and better for themselves – asking louder and with a little more urgency than ever before.

I have begun the climb up the corporate ladder once again, this time, I like what I see at the top, I actually want to go there!

As my long-time mentor Jim Rohn R.I.P. used to say,

The problem isn’t that there’s not enough room at the top,
the problem is getting through the crowd at the bottom.

This time there’s a few of my friends gathered at the top waiting for us to arrive and the crowd at the bottom is mobilizing upward…the next stretch is going to be an absolute blast, we’ll continue the party on the way up!

This is my goal for this year:
(Hand doodled while reflecting on my plan.)

I will help 6 families create an extra $50,000 this year.

As a result I will get what I want and they will all get more than they ever dared to dream of before!
This is the invitation and the promise.

This is the year where I get to show a bunch of good people a great time with a whole new game plan! We pretty much know that an extra $500 to $1500 a month will prevent most from going into bankruptcy and allows them to “get caught up” on some things.

I want the same “thriving” I enjoy, for those I know and love, and I’m fairly certain they are asking for the same. There is a vast difference between thriving and surviving, one leads to growth and abundance, the other to attrition and lack of choices, thriving is way more fun and is simply a decision “to be and do” it.

There is both great misunderstanding and great curiosity about “what we networkers do”. I have not accomplished what I have alone – everyone is doing a little bit to create a lot for All involved. I have never retailed a product in this particular opportunity – a salesperson I claim not to be, and for the first time, I have access to a solid and capable team backing me, holding their vision of greatness for me, and eagerly waiting to work for and with whoever wants to come out to play with us.

My company alone in one year is sharing out in excess of $40 Million of their profits as referral commissions to “their loyal consumers” representing ½ of all they take in, funds that otherwise would have gone to the big guys like Walmart. At the time of this writing there’s a small handful of people sharing in this one profit pot – some are taking portions in the Millions, we can still count them and fit them in 1 small room.

I call it “winning the lottery slowly”, the pot’s there for all and every ticket’s a winner, it is the current day’s low to no risk, “sure thing”!

I am certain by my observing and listening to others that many “think” they know what Network Marketing is all about, they “think” they know what they would have to do in “something like that”.

I ask them what it is they think they have to do? Ya’ know they really aren’t sure after thinking about it. Have they asked for explanation or understanding of “what it takes”? “Well no, not really.” Do you want to understand? Hmmm…great question…

I ask them to look around and see if they can identify someone in their life that is having success with this life-saving business model, let alone doing it well and truly serving others with real results. As a profession it is like anything else, a small percentage of all of those “running around doing it” are doing what’s supposed to be done – and how.

Network Marketing is different more than difficult, it is unlike any other business model on the planet, it is highly respected and so are the leaders and masters within it, they make great change using it as a vehicle for leverage to create abundance for the masses. I personally have never done something as serving or more fun.

It is a people business first, it asks that we show up ready for fun and to give of ourselves, be open to new ways of seeing and understanding things, be teachable, coach-able and give ourselves permission to screw up along the way…sounds a lot like life itself eh?

I’ve been committed to this concept of Consumer’s Networking for almost 15 years, I’ve held out for the “Perfect Storm” of desire, leadership, technology and finally “mastery”.

Network Marketing isn’t new – it’s been around since the mid 1950s, and the vehicle I work with is certainly newly evolved and unique within this sector – “The Perfect Combination”. The internet has married this concept of grassroots marketing and has caused much of its positive change, the winds are heavily in our favour at this time…they say this is the year where many more of us will “get it”.

We are fairly certain the old ways of doing things ’round this planet isn’t working for all of us, new options are needed to replace the old paradigms.

It all comes back to identifying what we really want, from the heart, and holding ourselves worthy to declare why we want it…usually it requires opening up to something new and excitingly unfamiliar, something refreshingly different.

What do you really, really want? What is your “NLG” – Next Level of Greatness?

If we could show you a way to get it over the next 12 to 24 months by adding some fun and well-being into your mix, are you open to having a conversation about that?

Will you be one of the 6 to step up this year so that this time next year you can say,

“2010 was the year EVERYTHING changed for the better.”

Join Us!

The Guidebook They Didn’t Share With Us In High-School…

Last week while waiting for an order of new books to arrive, I pulled out my copy of The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason, written in 1926. It is a book that through parables teaches the ancient fundamentals of “finance” – it’s a teaching story, with direct ties back to ancient historical documents.

I hadn’t read this little jewel since prior to the year 2000 for sure. I was curious to see how much of it would seem like new to me after so many years of training and changes to my philosophies.

I was profoundly surprised and delighted to find that even though, over time, I may not have remembered the words on the pages I definitely remembered how this book made me feel. Looking at my current situation and what I have created the last decade, it’s obvious that sub-consciously I took some things forward with me that have stuck and will stick with me forever…once our view has been expanded, it’s impossible to go back to the old one!

In this book is the stuff of real value, for those ready to hear, it contains the life-transforming secrets that aren’t really all that secret. This is the guidebook they didn’t share with us in high-school – at least not in my high-school!

I distinctly remember being taught how to “tithe” to my church and being told “save your money”, no one really showed me how, and I don’t recall anyone telling me that “a portion of all I earned was mine to keep.”

I started amassing “my portion” almost 20 years ago now. Finding that place of “me first” was a challenge and a process of changing some of my philosophy – it’s still going on to this day and I suspect always will. I now “protect and nurture my portion” as a good Mother would her children …

Jim Rohn says, “Work full-time on your income and part-time on your fortune.”

The Richest Man In Babylon is all about the “part-time on your fortune” part…

It’s this orator’s keen observation that most individuals or families make “enough” money. The only missing I see for many now, is the teachings around how to acquire or create, manage, protect and grow “their portions” – and coming from my background I was taught to work hard to get ahead, not that that philosophy is a bad one, effort is always required to accomplish anything of greatness, and re-define “effort”.

In examining effort we find the beauty of one of my favourite laws, “Leverage”.  Leverage changes the whole game and the way we do everything!

Swinging from the habits of working hard to the habits of working smart hasn’t been as difficult as it has been “different”. One’s ability to show up in life open, teachable and alert to solutions that come from “out of the box” is critical – it defines “quality of life.”

And on working smarter, that doesn’t mean that One should need an MBA to create an abundant profit center at the heart of one’s home.

Download a copy of:

The Richest Man In Babylon and start practicing the knowledge of ancient wisdom now!

Book Excerpt:

Ahead of you stretches your future like a road leading into the distance.

Along that road are ambitions you wish to accomplish…desires you wish to gratify.

To bring your ambitions and desires to fulfillment, you must be successful with money. Use the financial principles made clear in the pages which follow. Let them guide you away from the stringencies of a lean purse to that fuller, happier life a full purse makes possible.

Like the law of gravity, they are universal and unchanging. May they prove for you, as they have proven to so many others, a sure key to a fat purse, larger bank balances and gratifying financial progress.


1. Start thy purse to fattening
2. Control thy expenditures
3. Make thy gold multiply
4. Guard thy treasures from loss
5. Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment
6. Insure a future income
7. Increase thy ability to earn

Acquire and create wealth eating healthy chocolate!
In less than 5 years, the field team with MXI Corporation has created:
2 Multi-Millionaires, 12 Millionaires and
10’s of 1000’s earning 3, 4 and 5 figure incomes with part-time focus!

’79 to ’09, has it really been 30 years?

Here are we, from N.P.C.,
Here for all to see,
Loyal to the green and orange
Through the years to be.

Far and near rings loud and clear,
Mighty North Park’s name,
May her sons and daughters
Bring her to Lasting Fame.

Give a cheer for N-P-C
Moving on to victory
North Park Collegiate,
Our hearts are all for thee.

The old school song thundered out from the packed gym to close the opening ceremonies and begin a weekend of fun and reconnection with a distant past. It’s been 30 years since I graduated from high-school.

It was a full couple of days as I attended North Park Collegiate’s 50th Anniversary celebrations; it was an exercise in pure fun and self-observation with a lifetime of experience to benchmark progress by!

I’m pretty sure that our little town hasn’t seen such a party in quite some time and I was amazed at how flawlessly 2 and half years of planning a weekend came together – kudos to the organizing committee and small army of volunteers that pulled it all off.

Over 1500 graduates showed up ready to rock their high-school once again – and rock it we did! I hadn’t walked the halls of NPC since I left there in 1979. It seemed a perfect plan for a Thanksgiving long weekend. The hotels were booked up as folks took trains, planes and autos to join their fellow classmates and families in their old home town.

Everyone left their troubles outside the doors, those that couldn’t do that didn’t show up! A fabulous time was had by all while catching up with old friends and some of the teachers that helped shape our early philosophies. Friday night opening ceremonies kicked off with speeches from Parliament members, the Mayor and other distinguished guests and celebrities. We wrapped up the evening with two full rounds of the school song – which our children didn’t know existed. I wonder when they gave up having pep-rallies? (I had to perform it for my son Saturday morning as he snickered on in amusement.)

Saturday saw dozens of classic cars parked on the lawn and a packed cafeteria to meet the teachers of past and present and mingle with old friends. The evening was happy pandemonium as over 1100 former grads descended upon the gym, cafeteria and the halls in between for the first ever Pub night! The drinks were cheap, the dance floor full and everywhere I went I saw laughing, hugging and hand-shaking amongst throngs of excited and surprised people shouting variations on the greeting: “Holy s*#t! How are you’?!”

The word “surreal” was used frequently to describe the space and energy of the event, and I found myself reminiscing in thought more than once as distant memories came rushing back in the familiar surroundings and company.

Sunday night we all gathered again at a local club to be entertained by our most talented graduates, with great bands, comedians and dancers! With Monday a holiday it was another night of dancing and connecting into the wee hours.

As the weekend came to the closing ceremonies, we all agreed we should do this more often and get together every 10 years instead of every 25 or 30!

I am now a card-carrying NPC alumni member and am looking forward to contributing to special events going forward. Old friendships have been renewed and new friendships have developed. As usual I was too much in the action to take pictures, there was a photographer running around all weekend and now we’re waiting for the album to be posted to the website!

North Park Reunion

Chocolate Peeps & Candlestick Pips…

“The one who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to discover places no one has ever been before.

Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties, for peculiarity breeds contempt. And the unfortunate thing about being ahead of your time is that when people finally realize you were right, they’ll say it was obvious all along.

You have two choices in life: you can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be different. To be different you must strive to be what no one else but you can be…”

— Taken From “Creative Problem Solving

This long overdue posting serves as my “What I Did This Summer Report.” Summer? We had summer in there? I had no idea the whirlwind I would experience going into it, and as usual, with clear intentions around me, I am amazed looking back at the previous 4 months at how time gets all outta’ whack when I am in the zone of following my bliss and single focused to an ultimate end. And we know that every ending is just a new beginning…

It’s been an unusual and turbulent year for just about every Being on this precarious planet and although I am blessed to be having a different ride than most, the last few months was not without its attendant challenges. Seems once summer hit, I had a strong calling to go find some more bliss for myself. I didn’t quite know what that looked like or what it would take and I had to brake through some inertia and excuses I had running to recreate that wonderful feeling of momentum again.

I learned while away, that I am in good company in my “not knowing” what the future really holds in store.

After a few trips around North America to be in the company of some of our most masterful business and investor folk, it appeared to me that no one, from the top down, really knows for sure what’s next, although there are some obvious solutions popping up as most likely, it seems that we are creating our restructuring as we go. What is crystal clear is, just about everyone in these circles are over the top excited about where we’re headed, and consequently, so am I!

I set out to find the inspiration for “re-invention” of myself. I wanted to find new solutions and ways of “doing things”, to run with a new crowd, find a different perspective and develop my skills of benevolent influence and persuasion in order to further enhance and develop my roles as leader, entrepreneur, and investor.

Just when you think things are as perfect as perfect gets, something – and usually someone with it – more perfect comes along to add to the mix of fun and abundance!

While I was away I found another Golden Goose for my multi-stream income nest, amazing new friends, eager to learn, to play, to have fun with life, and, some new and different mentors to follow and model.

I heard a statement recently with regards to advancing up the ranks in my main business. I have it now filed as a “Universal Truth” as it applies to life as well:

“The people that brought you to this level or that take you to the next level may or may not be the same people that take you to the top and beyond.”

In my last post I was just going into a formal coaching relationship – that was July, the exercise has been priceless…and not too similar to what I had pictured for the experience.

When I go after what I need, a whole bunch of what I didn’t know I wanted shows up!

Taking a leap of faith for me is like jumping into a cold lake on a hot day. I generally take a while to jump in and get it over with. I am sensitive to the contrast of the immediate environment change; I have to go through some short term discomfort to get to the fun and ease of swimming. Albeit it uncomfortable, the short term suffering is worth the end goal – have fun with my friends…and…

“How we do anything is how we do everything.”

My fellow healthy chocolate Peeps are inspiring and astounding me in their persistence and determination. It’s been almost 3 full years focused on that business and after experiencing the battle of “attrition” together this past year, those of us left standing are they that really understand and see the bigger vision focused on solution.

We learned first hand that attrition happens when the market/the people panics – and it’s only temporary if one takes action and tends to it. We are a force and viable source to be reckoned with and are rallying together to get the word out about the solution we have for saving lives, and mostly…

“We are listening like we’ve never listened before.”

Something else I found out, there is massive opportunity in panic and change!

As my chocolate business grows and thrives, I find myself acclimating to a new environment the last 2 months. It’s been 4 solid years since I was scared straight into the unfamiliar territory of finances and investing. Finally after this much time and much discomfort, absorbing and wading through information and concepts that used to flat out scare or bore me, I heard something at this year’s investment festival calling out to me. It had always been there and I guess now I was ready to notice and embrace it…

I set my alarm every morning and pop out of bed to head to the desk and out onto the FOREX yard for a morning of play. If all goes well and I’m good – I will collect a lot of “pips”. I am fascinated as I watch the constantly changing red and blue “candlesticks” and become familiar with the ripples of movement as trillions of dollars move about the planet in reaction to the collective vibration! Riding the waves of the open Foreign Exchange Market is my newest passion and as I have discovered – one of the quintessential skills one might like to master going into the future. I have taken to it like a duck to water and it is the something I didn’t know I wanted and was right under my nose for quite some time. Confirmation once again that I will hear and see what I’m truly ready to hear and see.

FOREX trading is being touted as the next big skill open to the masses to learn, it has become the perfect fit for my portfolio of income streams. It fits the number one criteria and that is, that it doesn’t mess with my first love – my chocolate business. Instead, what has occurred is that, as I learn the disciplines required to be good at day trading, my other business is benefiting from the experience!

My days now have more structure and I get more done in less time. I am surrounded by masters cheering me on to the finish lines of my goals in all endeavours, and I now have 2 ways to ensure the lifestyle and freedom I prefer! Everyday I hear the personal results of those that know the nature of this thriving market, I am motivated to get good fast. I’m also acutely more aware of how much I can actually accomplish while having fun doing what I must do.

If I have to pick one, my chocolate business gets priority focus, it’s got the satisfaction of helping people in all matters, the leverage of everyone doing a little bit and the passive residual returns over time.

The FOREX yard is almost always open for when I’m ready to step in and out of it, and in it I must be to scoop out the profits of the pips! It represents the pulse of the global collective and adheres to natural laws that I can bank on. It satisfies my need to observe patterns of behaviour while I practice remaining detached from outcome, it hones my patience while I learn the art of following a system and the skill of wisely responding instead of gut-reacting.

So as I consume my healthy chocolate, counsel and plan with my fellow chocolate peeps and play my trading games every day, I am aware of how peculiar my way of earning a living and doing life must appear to those on the outside of it looking in.

I am resigned to master one thing for sure and that’s “rolling with change”, I commit to being flexible and adaptable to new environments no matter how uncomfortable it is to dive into them, because, after what seems a few moments, I’ll be shouting to those still dry, “C’mon in the water’s fine!”