At “One” like never before…

I’ve just been zipping about YouTube after receiving a beautiful music video from a friend at Facebook – thank you Velma!

As soon as I queued it up the goose-bumps started flowing up my body so I paid attention and waited for the expected message I knew I was about to receive.

What struck me about this beautiful gathering is that it represents what’s possible here and now, it is done from all around the world, musicians from diverse and distant cultures playing and singing the same song together, 20 years ago something like this just wouldn’t have been possible.

As one that builds my empire through the relationships I create mostly online, I invest a good deal of time promoting the benefits of “Being Online”. I’m always urging others to jump right into the Global melting pot, to get out of their small-boxed environments and out into the vast diversity of people and places that exist beyond the reach and vision of the mass media vehicles many are used to parking their brains in front of on a daily basis.Right beside the video I was watching was a link to the original studio recording of “We Are The World”, many of you boomers will remember this one, and this is where my message came through. I can’t imagine the amount of logistics, schedule re-planning, co-ordination and collaboration it must have taken to pull this many powerful people into one room to get it done.

We are in a time and place where small tribes of people can make a massive difference, their collective desires for change, peace and “no more trouble” ripple out and touch those that otherwise wouldn’t have access to the message or are open to hearing it.

I pretty sure I’m on this planet here and now to facilitate a transformation unlike we have ever experienced in our documented history!

Why are You here?

Celebrate life! It’s all good and gettin’ gooder!