A Report Back From T. Harv Eker’s “Master Your Mind”!

Everybody’s Freeeeee To Feel Good!!

This was the theme song of my weekend fun with some of the most conscious people on the planet!!

And I stand convinced that if you want to get the hang of your own processes of manifestation and allowing you need to get out into the world – even if it’s virtual. Go on an adventure, put yourself out there where “cool things can happen to and for you”!

Whenever I take myself out of my own habitual environment I am far more open to the messages from the Universe. Each time I go on a trip or into an unknown situation I am on fertile ground for learning my own inner processes for personal manifestation.

I have just returned from the best seminar that T. Harv Eker has put together yet!! 1400 of us gathered in Los Angeles, California for the first run of “Master Your Mind”, it was a huge success!

(And yes Mom, I know I always say, “this was the best one yet!” It’s true! It’s true!)

Like the students of his learning systems, Harv keeps getting better and better at what he does! It is a reciprocal relationship, I am knowing as the teacher I usually learn far more than as the student…

I had the most pleasant and fun trip from all angles – Yes! Even the flight!!! It was good to share the space of some great friends from afar and be in the bubble that’s conditioned for Success! 3 years and 12 events later and it’s been worth every single penny I’ve invested – joining Peak Potentials Quantum program was the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself! I listened to his
home-study audios for 2 years before that!

I am gently analyzing how I manifested that bit of perfection on the weekend so that I can duplicate these experiences again and again for myself and those around me!

The Universe says next time I should treat myself to a first class ticket…bigger game indeed… ๐Ÿ™‚

I took few notes this time, choosing to remain engaged and in the moment. As usual I simply showed up with the intention to have the Universe provide me with exactly what I needed, and as sure as the sun rises and sets, I got it in bucket loads!

I am always amazed at how powerful a single phrase can be in shifting my whole perspective on a topic. After that, everything changes! The subtle phrases invoke huge ahas, of which I had many!

This latest seminar was all about “Mastering Your Mind”. I really can’t think of anywhere else on the planet where I could learn what I did this past weekend!! I have returned home with simple, powerful and effective results-based tools to enhance the creating of my personal reality!

Cool thing is, the tools are free!!! The technology exists inside us, tools everyone already has access to, and the free will to use them.

Riding The Leading Edge Of
Behavioural Change Technology

T. Harv Eker – Host & Course Creator

T. Harv was masterful and energetic as always, and it seems to me he is having more fun these days! He lead us through some phenomenal processes of his own, we had the opportunity to listen to his perspectives and stories every day. I have been fortunate to be on the leading edge of the growth of his work and enjoy attending the debuts of his new courses. He over-the-top delivered yet again! I am always amazed at Peaks’ mastery at logistics, everything flows smooth as silk…very Juicy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lisa Nichols
This lady has a whole different stage presence than that of her appearance in the movie “The Secret”! My favorite speaker of the weekend! She’s holds herself as an excellent example of strength, passion, fire and good ol’ fashioned fun! Lisa took the stage and hung out with us for a couple of hours. I was moved by her work and involvement in “Motivating the Teen Spirit”! I am all over anything that teaches our young ones how to create their perfect world! Through Lisa’s heart-warming authenticity and connection with the audience she held us transfixed as she acted out and told her stories! My ribs were aching after listening to and laughing with her!

Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. – NLP
“Secrets Of The Time Masters”
For the first time I have an effect method for visualising and organizing my visions! And I now see how time travel is possible if we use the technology of our mind to do it! Wyatt was what I refer to as an “unlikely character”, I knew right away I stood to gain a lot. He had a totally different presence than the other speakers and I found his processes and teaching invaluable! As we listened to his telling of the story of the Big Magi and the Little Magi he taught us how to travel along our own life’s time-line including our memories of the past, experiences of the present, and expectations of the future.

Marci Shimoff
Happy For No Reason
Buy it!! Buy copies for your friends and family!! The title speaks for itself! For the first time in our history a book about happiness is #1 on the reading lists!! Shift is happening!! Thanks to the wave of awareness caused by The Secret and the intentions of those that created it, we have a solution to an epidemic of “unhappiness”. As one that was born with the “happy gene”, I am in great appreciation for the release of this gem of a book!

John Kehoe – Mind Power
About John Kehoe
John was another favorite speaker for me! He was warm and authentic and really knew his stuff!! He is one of Harv’s first teachers, a fellow Canadian and has a masterful grasp of how all our unobservable parts work together! I could clearly see where Harv had modeled him and expanded on his work.

I did take notes from John’s talk, and I bought his program!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be studying with him some more myself! I can’t wait for it to get here.

4 Techniques For Eliminating Negative

  1. Cut it off and insert something better. Negative thoughts are not to be in our consciousness.
  2. Lable it – “a negative thought”, negatives only have control over us if we react to them.
  3. Exaggerate the negative until it is utterly ridiculous, make up a fantastic story that makes you laugh.
  4. Counteract the negative with the exact opposite – turn your “don’t want” into a “do want”.
  • Mind/Conscience is the gate keeper for the subconscious.
  • My subconscious mind is my partner in success – it is the Manifester.
  • Beliefs = Choices

Laura Silva
The Silva Method
Continuing on in her father’s work, the daughter of the famous Jose Silva spoke to us of “Developing Your Inner Power”. She is an energetic and fun lady who’s passion for her work radiates from the stage!

As a being we are 5 parts; Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Intuitive.
Four fifths of who we are is invisible and intangible!

One of the most subtle and yet powerful things I learned came from her talk! Ms. Silva was teaching us how to go into the “alpha state” and talked about how the thoughts in our head should be viewed like watching the traffic go by on a busy street, don’t react to them, don’t grab onto them, don’t try and chase them, just let them go by…that caused a shift in my meditation experience that made all the difference from that point on!

Brian Alman
Self Hypnosis.com
Dr. Alman packed all his best stuff into a couple of hours for us! We learned a list of great 5 minute meditations and processes to provide ourselves a shot of well-being, relaxation and focus in any situation! He sure shifted my
perspective on the effectiveness of self hypnosis, which, I figured out I’ve been doing for many years by instinct! He’s the man with the domain and has a refreshing way of teaching others how to help themselves.

Dr. Masaru Emoto
Messages From Water
Dr. Emoto joined us through video conference as his interpreter and family were on location to show us his amazing work with water crystals! Important work since we are made up of mostly water, and so is our planet. You may recognize Dr. Emoto from one of my all-time favorite productions, “What The Bleep Do We Know?”.

Jennifer Steed – Yoga and Body Movement
Yoga Jen
I’ve been in front of several yoga facilitators over the years and Jen is by far my favorite! Jennifer Steed was one of Harv’s original facilitators years ago and returned to his stage to guide us all in some great movement and stretching exercises throughout the day and first thing in the morning.

Melissa Wadsworth – Dream Boards
“Personal and Professional Enrichment and Abundace Using Empowered Awareness”
So I ask you, “How do you spend a Saturday night?”
If you can, imagine 1400 people all flipping through magazines, cutting and pasting and chattering about their dreams and their aspirations together in one room!! What fun!!! It was just like being in kindergarten again, except no one ate their glue stick…at least not in our circle! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)

I finally have my own dream board!!! It was something on my “todo” list and now – for now – it is done! What fun!! I have to admit I didn’t hear many of Melissa’s words before I was totally swept up in the dreamy world of my own future reality!

I showed up at the magazine’s pages and let the Universe paint a picture for me of my subconscious desires and future events. From picking out the magazines to arranging all the pieces on the board, I followed the Universe’s lead, the resulting story on the board is fascinating, and packed with my own energy!

You’re Awesome!

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