Apr 14

2014 ANMP Convention Recap

"When you're in love, you want to tell the whole world about it." - Carl Sagan

2014 Program Cover
My 2014 Convention Program Cover
Packed full of notes I took from each speaker!
My notes and take-aways coming soon...

This week I am particularly pleased with myself and some of the decisions that I've made along my way and, although some of my most significant decisions seemed wacky and "against the grain" at the time I made them, I am learning the meaning behind the quote, "Time will either promote you or expose you." I am reaping the valuable and rich lessons of having stuck with something I believe in for a long period of time, despite all its inherent challenges.

This June I'll celebrate 19 years in and around my chosen profession, and knowing the naively ignorant place I started from, I am blessed to have had enough success to keep me coming back for more. The thing I love most about Network Marketing is that it is very forgiving as we learn, and I'll be the first to say I've been a most challenging student.

Last week I flew off to Dallas, Texas for the 10th annual convention of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, I was joined by about 800 other independent entrepreneurs from over 60 countries and many companies. This was the 10th annual gathering that since last year's event has tripled its numbers in attendance. The organization that I am associated with was well represented at this event, 2 of our team's leaders were on the guest speaker list, our group shot was the largest I've seen so far...

1912241_10201294171470345_1251298195_nThe Global Partners Group (My Tribe)
With ANMP President Garrett McGrath.

However, this was not an event to wear our company or organization on our lapel, this was a completely "generic" gathering. No promoting, no cross-recruiting, no pins, no badges, alas, no sharing of chocolate. The 30 speakers paid for their own tickets and spoke without taking compensation - and some are world class speakers, it was a volunteer event and some big names showed up for it!

We were there to support our chosen business model and profession of Network Marketing, and fortunately for me, to be joined by most of my personal and professional mentors I have followed and learned from for years. This year, the business that has been around for 70 years is finally coming into its own, it is predicted 2014 will see its biggest growth ever! The Association of Network Marketing Professionals has the heart and excellence of the business model at its core.

In a noisy, globally connected social media world, there's never been a better time to add the high-touch back into the high-tech, because at the end of the day, no matter what, it's all about choices and solutions for the people.

There's nothing more satisfying than hanging out with a bunch of people that know how to be themselves, have fun and uplift those around them. We are up to big things, working on amazing projects while sharing a common vision and building our businesses and our tribes along the way.

Great friends old and new!

If you're associated with an MLM-oriented company and team or thinking about looking into the profession, you need to be with us in 2015!

As a card-carrying member, I've got my VIP ticket already.

My first Selfie...


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